Muslim Refugees Go On BLOODY New Years Rampage, Chant One Chilling Thing As They Stab Locals To Death

On New Years of last year, migrants in Germany decided to stage mass sex attacks all throughout the country. The bulk of the attacks (thousands) were reported in Cologne, but there were similar attacks in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and others. An estimated 2,000 men were involved, which isn’t something that happens without planning. ALL the perpetrators were migrants and “refugees.”

That was last year – and now the Muslims of Europe were back Saturday night to giver us yet another New Years gift that nobody asked for. This attack happened in Poland – a country that hasn’t been anywhere near as welcoming to Muslim migrants as Germany. And when they’re under attack, they fight back.

As InfoWars reported:

A group of Muslims reportedly stabbed a 21-year-old polish man to death in the street on New Year’s Eve after he threw a firecracker in the general vicinity of their Kebab shop.

This time, the public responded.

“I am against foreigners ruling in our country, in our beautiful town, and that they would do such things! We don’t need them here! They have their own countries, they should rule in their home countries,” he said.

The attackers were reportedly two Algerians, a Tunisian and a Moroccan.

Watch below:

Note to Muslims: if you’re going to kill white people, don’t do it in Poland.

Do it in France or Germany. The locals there will actually apologize to YOU after you kill their dudes.

Poles – not so much. In fact, avoiding attacking the Poles should be their New Year’s resolution.

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