Muslim ‘Refugees’ Enroll In High School Before Trump’s New Travel Ban, Then This Immediately Happened

Canada, under control of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is a magnet for Sharia law criminals and molesters disguised as “refugees” and they’re destroying our northerly neighbor one town at a time.

It’s so bad that Muslim adults, with full beards and 20+ years old, are registering in high school so they can molest the teenage girls.

It’s true because as soon as the Muslims enrolled in Canadian high schools, the reports of sexual abuse and misbehavior have flown up the charts faster than a NASA rocket taking off to the moon.

But Canada’s weak liberal prime minister won’t address it. Maybe he doesn’t think it’s a problem when a 22-year-old pervert with a beard is sitting next to a 14-year-old girl. She’s learning Algebra and he’s measuring how far up her skirt he has to put his hands.

Maybe Canada becomes a third world country like Sweden.

There’s one media outlet who is investigating one of the high schools where the Muslim migrant perverts are lurking and attacking. These guys are reportedly walking the high school halls with bigger beards than a lumberjack and more muscles than the Canadian National Hockey team. This is who goes to school with the parent’s little girls. Sick, right?

The Canadian alternative media publisher The Rebel has launched an investigation into an east coast high school, after receiving a tip that Muslim migrants “with full beards and better built than the hockey team,” have been preying on students, with a sick focus on young girls.

The Rebel, which operates on a shoestring budget, is the only media outlet in Canada who are investigating the abuse. Canada has a public broadcaster, which receives over $2 billion a year in taxpayer money, yet they remain silent on the Muslim assaults.Just like in our country, the mainstream media in Canada refuses to report on the wrongdoings of Muslims, yet they write daily sob stories about migrants arriving at the airport.

Fortunately for concerned Canadians, The Rebel has filed a freedom of information request with the high school, where they received over 2,700 pages of emails and reports detailing the abuses of Muslims.

Everyone in the Canadian high schools has been affected. The teachers are mistreated and the students are assaulted. It’s obvious that Sharia law and the Muslims who live by it are not compatible with culture in the western hemisphere. If they cannot assimilate and join the American/Canadian culture with good behavior, then they’re better off staying in their own land. It’s simply not a good mix for anyone if there’s always conflict.

Better to stay on our own soil and them do the same. This way we don’t bother each other and everyone can live peacefully.

Nothing worse than going somewhere and there’s always a fight. Let’s avoid that starting a war by staying in our own homeland where our culture fits our needs.

That prime minister up there in Canada – he better do something about this. If not, then I can only imagine the parents lose their minds and start battling.

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