BREAKING: Unvetted Muslim Refugees Just Got A New Job That Will Make You SICK – Now Look What’s Happening

Nowadays common sense seems to be a superpower in today’s world. In the name of political correctness, people have thrown out logic and reason in fear of being called a racist and bigot. A perfect example of this is the refugee crisis that is taking place around the world. Muslim refugees are literally taking over cities in Europe and destroying them.

However, if anyone points that out, they are immediately scolded. So, imagine how parents felt when they discovered that unvetted Muslim refugees were being charged with caring for their innocent children.

Yep, that is what is currently being proposed in Italy.

A new initiative in Italy will allow unvetted Muslim refugees to walk children to school. Left wing politicians have proposed this initiative so that it can teach children about “diversity and humanity”.

Shortly, after the project was announced the centre-right Forza Italia party, launched a poster campaign to protest this disgusting program. On it,  there is an image of a man with his arm around a young boy.

The poster reads: “With a stranger? No thanks. Immigrants without legal status are going to be accompanying our children to school? We say no.”

The centre-right Forza Italia party has launched a protest with these posters.

A counselor from the Forza Italia party pledged to do everything he could to stop this sick program. He also called the initiative “irresponsible and ideologically motivated”.

Cristiano Puglisi explained, “For the simple fact that no parent would want to hand custody of their children to a stranger,”

Arcore mayor Rosalba Colombo, defended the project, saying: “It will be an opportunity for our younger students to get in touch with the concepts of welcome and humanity. Diversity — of origin, status and condition — is an asset and also an opportunity for personal growth.”

Are these people out of their friggin minds?

We are all aware of how dangerous these Muslim refugees are and that is not a lie. If the left is willing to put their children at risk, let them have at it. However, they do not have the right to put all children at risk. Hopefully, this initiative will be stopped and quickly.

H/T [ Pamela Gellar ]

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