ALERT: Muslim Refugees Start Massive OUTBREAK of Devastating Disease, People Infected In DROVES In This State

And once gain the Muslims prove to be idiots. In the new Mecca that is Minneapolis Minnesota Somali refugee Muslims have once again brought their belief in the stone age to the civilized world.

These refugees didn’t just bring crime, lawlessness and their devil-worshipping Islam religion to our stupidly compassionate and generous nation. Today they bring Minnesota’s largest outbreak of Measles. Measles is both highly infectious and potentially deadly the area has seen in nearly three decades.

In Minneapolis, the vaccination rate of the non-Somali population is upwards of 89%. Meanwhile, the Somali Muslim vaccination rate is that of around 42%. Why are these “Religion of Peace” disciples so intent on not vaccinating their children? Is it because they have so many to spare? Or maybe just they are afraid of the dangerous myth perpetrated by a quack disproven no-name doctor spreading false science saying vaccines cause the newly reclassified disease of “Autism?”

The Washington Post Reports:

“The current outbreak was identified in early April. As of Thursday, there were 41 cases, all but two occurring in people who were not vaccinated, and all but one in children 10 and younger. Nearly all have been from the Somali American community in Hennepin County. A fourth of the patients have been hospitalized. Because of the dangerously low vaccination rates and the disease’s extreme infectiousness, more cases are expected in the weeks ahead.

Measles, which remains endemic in many parts of the world, was eliminated in the United States at the start of this century. It reappeared several years ago as more people — many wealthier, more educated and white — began refusing to vaccinate their children or delaying those shots.

The ramifications already have been significant. A 2014-2015 measles outbreak infected 147 people in seven states and spread to Mexico and Canada. In California, high school students were sent home because of infected classmates. One patient who was unknowingly infectious visited a hospital and exposed dozens of pregnant women and babies, including those in the neonatal intensive care unit. Another adult patient was hospitalized and on a breathing machine for three weeks.

Federal guidelines typically recommend that children get the first vaccine dose at 12 to 15 months of age and the second when they are 4 to 6 years old. The combination is 97 percent effective in preventing the viral disease, which can cause pneumonia, brain swelling, deafness and, in rare instances, death.

Minnesota’s Somali community is the largest in the country. The roots of the outbreak there date to 2008, when parents raised concerns that their children were disproportionately affected by autism spectrum disorder. A limited survey by the state health department the following year found an unexpectedly high number of Somali children in a preschool autism program. But a University of Minnesota study found that Somali children were about as likely as white children to be identified with autism, although they were more likely to have intellectual disabilities.

Around that time, health-care providers began receiving reports of parents refusing the MMR vaccine.

As parents sought to learn more about the disorder, they came across websites of anti-vaccine groups. And activists from those groups started showing up at community health meetings and distributing pamphlets, recalled Lynn Bahta, a longtime state health department nurse who has worked with Somali nurses to counter MMR vaccine resistance within the community.”

Nurse Lydia Fulton vaccinating a patient for measles, mumps and rubella at Children’s Primary Care Clinic in Minneapolis. A triage center has been set up there as a major measles outbreak continues. (Courtney Perry for The Washington Post)

Now I can fully understand and even sympathize with Liberals buying into this fake science. Since these poor morons are pretty much inclined to buy into any myth they are told just as long as the source is a well-known celebrity or a former Vice President getting filthy rich off by promulgating the biggest scam to ever be perpetrated on humanity. Just don’t ever tell them God exists, because you know, that’s a “fairy tale.” There can never be any entity higher up than them and their false Messiahs like the Charlatan former President Barack “Barry” Obama.

Suaado Salah and her sons who contracted measles because she didn’t get them immunized. (Courtney Perry for The Washington Post)

But why are the Religion of Peace disciples buying into this myth too? And since when do people who teach their children to kill innocent people and themselves, in the name of their devil god care so much about the well-being of their children? Are they afraid their children won’t be able to learn to strap on a suicide vest for when the time comes to kill us “Infidels?”

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