Muslim ‘Refugees’ Sue Pennsylvania School Because It’s ‘Not Good Enough’ For Them


A group of migrant Muslim refugees are suing a Pennsylvania school because they think it’s not good enough.

You know what I’m already thinking, don’t you?

Let me go into this in a mildly detailed way.

First. They’re Muslim refugees. They shouldn’t be here anyway. They need to get back on the boat and go home, fix their own country, and deal with their own problems. We have homeless and veterans that don’t have clothes as nice as the kids in this picture. Adios amigos. Go home where your schools are so good that you don’t complain about ours in America.

Second. If the school isn’t good enough, then that’s because the people in charge of education funding need to give up some cash to the school districts and manage it so the districts don’t squander it like they’re capable of.

Third. You came to our country and probably got a free ride here. Your job as a Muslim migrant refugee who is sucking up our tax dollars is to shut up and try not to gang rape anyone like the pigs in Germany and France. If your home was so nice, then you wouldn’t have ran away and came here. Now you’re complaining? Let me donate some cash so I can fly your ignorant non-English speaking self whose father is probably a terrorist and you’re an unappreciative child.

This is ridiculous.

Fox News – A group of refugees is suing a Central Pennsylvania school district, saying the academy they were put in after their arduous journey to America is not up to snuff.

Represented by the Pennsylvania branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, the six refugees sued Lancaster schools in federal court, saying they were dumped in a disciplinary school and are being denied access to a quality education. The students range in age from 17 to 21, and hail from Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burma.

“[The] Plaintiffs are refugees who have fled war, violence, and persecution from their native countries,” reads a statement from the lawsuit. “Having finally escaped their turbulent environment to resettle in America, these young immigrants yearn to learn English and get an education so they can make a life for themselves.”

The refugees hoped to enter McCaskey High School, known for its superior academic program, but instead were sent to Phoenix Academy, an alternative high school for “underachieving” students in the district. Phoenix students are subject to pat-downs, banned from bringing personal belongings like watches and jewelry and forced to wear colored shirts that “correspond with behavior.”

If you’re here to complain, then get out. We have enough problems of our own to fix and don’t need to hear you complaining about how we work in America.

If you don’t like it, then go be annoying somewhere else.

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