Tensions continue to escalate along with crime, violence, and dissension in Ferguson, Missouri, and the leaders we’ve placed in charge seem to be doing the opposite of what our nation needs.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D) is one of those dangerous leaders poisoning the people against each other, and her toil is coming back around to bite her.

The senator, who made headlines last month when she was arrested with a loaded 9mm handgun, has found herself in another mess, and her reasoning behind the incident is more disturbing than the occurrence itself.


CBS Local reports:

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is the latest victim of violence in the city of St. Louis.

Following a tweet about her attempted robbery, Nasheed told CNN she had a gun held to her head, “I’m not exempt. We’re living in a community where you have extreme poverty, and individuals are just extremely hopeless. They don’t care about life and don’t care about taking the life of others. I just don’t believe that he knew who I was.”Muslim Senator Inciting Riots in Ferguson Just Got a Dangerous Dose of Karma

Nasheed said a man approached her after she got out of her car at her home overnight, “I had my purse in my hand, with a bag and a soda for my little kid. He got out of a car and said to give him my keys. I told him I wasn’t giving him anything. He said if you don’t give me your keys, I’ll kill you. I said to do whatever you have to do. He backed up, walked away, and got back in his car.”

Instead of admitting her involvement in inciting hate and fanning the flames of segregation, Nasheed blames poverty for the armed crook’s behavior.

Muslim Senator Inciting Riots in Ferguson Just Got a Dangerous Dose of Karma

Although Nasheed was not injured, the clueless public servant remains in denial of the discord she’s helped generate. Her delusion is steeped in a belief that circumstance and environment are accountable for the derelict individual — no personal responsibility or accountability required.

Her very own ghetto state is telling of the Democratic rule of socialism, and the people of Ferguson will suffer for their spokespeople’s refusal to unite through common ground.

Courtesy of Mad World News

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