MUSLIM Set Free GITMO Gifted $1.2 Million In Apology Money, Look At HORRID Thing He Just Did As A ‘Thank You’

The left is convinced that if we just show radical Islamists love and tolerance they would just leave everyone alone. While that theory has been disproven time and time again the left just does not give up. Well, recently another Gitmo detainee was released and of course, he committed another act of terror. Though what is infuriating is the amount of money he was given before he killed himself and others.

The British government awarded Ronald Fiddler up to £1,000,000 compensation after he was released from Gitmo. I can guarantee you all that he was not given this money because he won any dance-off’s competition, but how poorly he was treated in Gitmo. Yeah, you read that right.

The Islamic State fighter had carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq, and was considered to be an “enemy of the state”. After being captured and sent to Gitmo, where he should still be, was released in 2004.

Ron Fiddler converted to Islam in the 1990’s

After he was released, Fiddler successfully claimed compensation after saying British agents knew or were complicit in his mistreatment at Gitmo. Shockingly the British government paid out an estimated £20million to Fiddler and16 other detainees that were held at Gitmo. It is glaringly obvious that Fiddler did not take that money and start a new life but obviously used it for nefarious reasons.

This just proves again how wrong Barack Obama is. In 2015, Obama had the audacity to say that “only a handful” of Gitmo detainees has returned to a life of terrorism. Obama is wrong about that as well since it hardly a handful. The actual number of people that have returned to terrorism is closer to 196. That hardly seems to be a handful to me, right?

Even Obama’s own Director of National Intelligence confirmed that was false when he said 117 former detainees are confirmed of returning to terror.

Again, this just proves how we need to keep these people behind bars when they are captured. They have no plans on turning away from their terrorist ways and becoming productive members of society. This why Trump needs to stick to his ban and gear up Gitmo to full operational status. These people mean to conquer the world and I am willing to fight back.

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