Muslim Man In NYC Justifies Having Sex With A 9 Year-Old, What He Says Next Will DISGUST YOU! (VIDEO)


This is what Obama has brought to this country… depraved asshats who claim that a nine year-old is an adult if they reach puberty. Puberty happens in girls usually between the ages of 10 and 14. That does NOT mean they are an adult and that you should have sexual relations with them. To take a child into your bed is to rape them. It is deeply immoral and evil.

This guy is a pedophile and he is quoting the Quran. This is why I say that Islam is a broken religion enclosed in a theocratic construct. They justify pedophilia, rape, slavery and barbaric murder all in the name of Mohammed. And to think this guy lives in New York. He should be held accountable for his favoring of children as sexual partners… the man is a deviant.

From TellMeNow:

In the video below, a Muslim man justified sleeping with a nine year old.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton admit they want to bring more of these people into our country. They want to bring in people who truly believe that having sex with children is perfectly acceptable behavior. IT IS NOT. IT IS DISGUSTING and REPREHENSIBLE!

The man justified his beliefs, “A nine year old is considered an adult if she reaches puberty. A woman becomes an adult when she attains puberty whether she is nine years old or ten years old. When she attains puberty she is now an adult.”

He then went on to discuss the Prophet Muhammad.

“He married Aisha when she was 6 or 7. He [consummated] the marriage when she [reached] puberty.”

When asked how old Aisha was when the marriage was consummated the man responded, “Some people say eleven, some people say nine.”

This is why the refugee resettlement program must be stopped. No one should be allowed in this country unless they pass a background check and are thoroughly vetted to see if they believe in this type of evil behavior. That would just about exclude all Muslims as this is pervasive in their culture.

Hillary Clinton wants to continue Obama’s refugee influx and it will do us in just as it is in Europe. They want refugees and illegal immigrants so they can change the voting demographic and keep Marxists in control. Muslims are also a growing population, which they think means more taxes. They don’t care about the violence and wickedness this brings into America. That’s why they are doing it as fast as they can. The refugee resettlement program must be stopped before it is too late for America.

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