News broke today about an American teacher and mother of two in Abu Dhabi who wasbrutally murdered in a mall bathroom, and now more about the victim and the circumstances surrounding the horrifying attack have come to light. Most importantly, all American educators in the United Arab Emirates had been given an urgent warning about a month ago regarding a direct threat aimed at them.

The warning read: ‘The Embassy/Consulate wishes to notify the U.S. citizen community of a recent anonymous posting on a Jihadist website that encouraged attacks against teachers at American and other international schools in the Middle East. The Mission is unaware of any specific, credible threat against any American or other school or individual in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Nonetheless, the Mission is working with local schools identified with the United States to review their security posture. U.S. citizens residing in or visiting the UAE should remain vigilant regarding their personal security and be alert to local security developments.”

The victim, Ibolya Ryan, a 47-year-old mother of twin 11-year-old boys from Denver, Colorado, was brutally stabbed to death by a burqa-clad individual and left lifeless in a pool of blood inside a mall restroom in the Arab country. Detectives have now stated that the assailant had waited for the woman in the bathroom for about an hour as a calculated attack on the teacher, according the Daily Mail.

Given the concealing nature of the burqa, which includes gloves as part of the Islamic garb, no fingerprints were left on the scene and the gender of the teacher’s attacker has not been confirmed, as anyone could be beneath the dark robe and head/face covering.

According to witnesses, Ryan had been stabbed up to six times in the Bourik Mall bathroom by a large kitchen knife which was left behind at the scene. Security camera footage shows the Islamic dressed assailant calmly leaving the scene, getting on an elevator, and exiting the shopping center through the parking lot as if they had just enjoyed a leisurely shopping trip, rather than killing an innocent woman in cold blood.

A witness in the restroom at the time told the MailOnline that they heard a brawl between the woman and her assailant, including one individual threatening to kill the other. Vithi Cuc had been in a bathroom stall next to where the altercation took place and described hearing banging sounds before one said, “Sit down or I’ll kill you,” then later someone called out for help.

Ryan, who had been divorced from her twin son’s father, was Hungarian-born and raised in Romania but had been trained as a teacher in the United States, according to CNN. In her online profile she wrote, “I enjoy learning about other cultures, and as a person I enjoy being with others and tend to be an organizer of those around me.” Her sons had been living with their mother in the UAE at the time of her murder.

Officers are diligently working to identify the suspect responsible for killing the teacher and believe there is a chance that the assailant was a male, despite being dressed in a traditional niqab for a female. The covering is the perfect disguise for such a crime since an individual, especially in Abu Dhabi, can be seen in public wearing such coverings without raising suspicion of ill intent, while later being completely unidentifiable.

The American embassy in the capital of UAE has issued a new security warning today to U.S. citizens, which lists extra precautions saying Americans should avoid crowds and places they did not know previously and “minimize their profile in public.” However, the embassy avoided making any indication that the teacher’s murder was linked to an additional threat of jihad.

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