Muslim Students In France Refused To Recognize ‘Moment Of Silence’ For #CharlieHebdo Victims (VIDEO)


France declared a moment of silence for all students on Thursday. Yet as Christiane Amanpour notes in the video above, there was a significant problem with this amongst the Muslim students.

Le Figaro notes problems with students,from the 6th grade student who told his teacher, “But you do not understand the Prophet, they should not have to draw it (…). It is above men ” to the college student who said, “Me I’m for those who killed [the victims]…”

One teacher called into a radio show and described how refusal to recgonize the moment of silence was not with the minority of his Muslim students but the majority.

“Think about that – they’re talking about schoolkids who have been so radicalized they don’t have sympathy for fellow French citizens who have been slaughtered by extremist Muslims. Yeah you got a problem, france.”

There is a fundamental cognitive dissonance that will kill France, and elsewhere, if it is not addressed. This is not moderate, this is many Muslim students in France, their loyalty is to the principles of Islam, over their loyalty to France and the French principles of ‘liberte, egalite and fraternite’.
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