Muslim Students Just Took Over Texas High School And Is Forcing Sick Act On Students — The Principal Isn’t Stopping It!

A Texas high school is under scrutiny for what’s going on with their Muslim students. Liberty High School, a public school, has succumbed to the Muslims and have done for them, what they have not done for any other religion. No other religion has this special treatment that Muslims were given, which forces the rest of the school to deal with it on the tax payers dime.

The Principal of Liberty High School has opened a mosque inside the school. Muslim students can leave class to pray whenever they want. Keep in mind that no Catholic, Protestant, or any other religion is allowed to do this. Only the Muslims. They are slowly taking over your schools.

First they have their own prayer room. Then what? Why can’t you have a prayer room? Doesn’t make sense, right? Will they serve different food in the cafeteria and change the school uniform to a burka? I sure hope not. That would be a nightmare for staff members trying to identify students.

FRISCO, Texas – There’s a special space for Muslim students at Liberty High School – room C112 — an empty classroom provided by the school for daily prayer sessions.

School officials initially opened up a small conference room for Islamic prayers in 2009 after they noticed some Muslim students leaving on Friday afternoons to pray, and demand eventually forced them to dedicate an entire classroom for the ritual.

“This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer,”

It doesn’t make any sense why the Muslim folks get special treatment, but some people rush to cover up any mention of God or Jesus.

If another religious group wanted a prayer room, they would be turned down. Only under fear of being Islamophobic would this happen in America.

If a school offers this for Muslims and forces everyone to deal with that, then the school needs to create a room for every other religion. At that point, start collecting tuition and use their money to build prayer rooms. Why not skip teaching and just do prayer sessions all day?

Eliminate every religion from the school and focus on education and teaching kids how to become mature adults.

No one wants to be forced into living with one religion over the other…or seeing 30 butts up in the air during a Muslim prayer. I don’t think students are interested in reverse assimilation.

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