Muslim Welfare Diva Sued For Police Brutality and Refused To Remove Her Burqa—JUDGE Delivers BRUTAL JUSTICE!

I cannot believe this is a real thing. Muslims really wear this? Why? What the heck is the point of living your life under a sheet? It’s like someone spilled a container of black paint in the KKK’s only laundromat. How can you tell who is who? What if you’re trying to get some action, and take one of these home, then find out there’s a transgender Muslim under it? That’s false advertisement.

Or what if one of them walks into a Jewish deli and cuts everyone up. How can you identify them? What if someone drives a van into the bike lane and knocks one of those annoying cyclists off their ten speed (thank you) – how could the police or busted up cyclist identify the suspect?

You can’t because you can’t see their face when they hide behind their mask.

It’s a good thing that a judge possibly felt the same way that I do when he threw out all the nonsense charges that were brought to his court, all because a Muslim woman wouldn’t remove the burka and show her face. Later, the woman claimed she was physically assaulted and punched when she was cuffed and taken out of court.

Oh well. Should’ve listened to the judge when he said to take the burka off. Maybe he wants to make sure he’s got the right person. Hard to do that when you’re hiding behind the mask.

I understand that Muslim women don’t want men to see their hair. But in a court of law, you must show your face. That’s just a rule that overrides every religion out there. Had she shown her face, then she wouldn’t have faced all that alleged nonsense she tried claiming.

Sorry girl, but you can’t do this in a court of law. The court trumps the religion. Gotta deal with it if you want to get out of there without any additional charges.

Being possibly married to an Isis member doesn’t help either.


Breitbart – The self-described second ‘wife’ of a convicted Islamic State terrorist recruiter who refused to reveal her face in court and remained seated before the judge has lost her lawsuit over a police counter-terrorism raid.

Moutia Elzahed alleged police assault and brutality during an early morning counter-terrorism raid at her home in southwest Sydney, Australia, in September 2014. Presiding District Judge Audrey Balla threw out all six brutality claims on Thursday, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

The judgement came after a six-day hearing in which Elzahed caused controversy by refusing to remove her burqa when facing the court and the judge. Elzahed said she would only reveal her face if the men in the court looked away. She may now face a criminal charge of disrespecting the court after refusing to rise for Judge Balla because it was, she claimed, against her Muslim faith.

Lead plaintiff Elzahed claimed she was punched by police and called a “bitch” when Australian Federal Police and NSW Police officers entered her house and ripped her blanket from her at 4.30am as part of a police counter-terror investigation.

She further alleged she was handcuffed in an aggressive manner, screamed at and humiliated.


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