Muslim Swimmer From Ethiopia Ends Up Half A Lap Behind Everyone Else…Why Do You Think?


When was the last time a FAT SWIMMER won an Olympic medal? Pretty sure it hasn’t happened yet, but people keep trying and failing.

A Muslim swimmer from Ethiopia finished in last place trying to get a spot in the Rio Olympics. His attempt was laughable, at best.

It’s one thing to be an actual swimmer who’s in good shape and competitive, but this backyard wiffle-ball looking beer belly buffoon thought he could lap with the best of them.

He was sadly mistaken and I’m shocked he completed a full lap.

If this was a hot dog eating contest, then I think he’d having a chance at placing in the top 10. Maybe if he was a lifeguard at the YMCA, he’d be OK. But Olympic swimming is not his forte.

ethiopian swimmer

Americon – Robel Kiros Habte, from Ethiopia, was swimming in the Preliminary Men’s 100m Freestyle heats at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium.

Of the 59 competitors across the eight heats, the unfortunate swimmer was ranked 59th with a time of 1 minute 4.95 seconds.

Nice effort, but I hope he didn’t spend money to do this.

Not to be too stereotypical, but he’s really well fed to be an Ethiopian!

In other news, Michael Phelps won his 20th gold medal and his #PhelpsFace memes have taken over the Internet.

You can’t spend five minutes on a social media site without seeing something like this.



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