Look What Was Just Found Inside Muslim Teens’ Home That Proves The Refugee Nightmare Is WORSE Than We Thought

They were just teenagers living in a condo when they were charged with terrorism-related crimes. That was back in 2015 and now there’s new evidence against them. This evidence can’t be mistaken! Authorities were finally able to attain a search warrant and they located bomb-making materials in the teen’s home. These aren’t your normal everyday household items, but rather something that might be able to explode and cause terror.

This occurred in Canada where Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali were tipped off by Djermane’s sister. Such a good girl, giving up her family member to terrorism. What a terrible situation she must be in.

This is the reason President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring extreme vetting.

Newly released court documents shed light on what raised police suspicions about Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali, the Montrealers who were teenagers when they were charged with several terrorism-related offences in 2015.

The documents show that it was Djermane’s sister who tipped off police and that investigators found materials that could be used to make a homemade bomb at Jamali’s home.

The two former College Maisonneuve students each face four charges:

  • Attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.
  • Possession of an explosive substance.
  • Facilitating a terrorist act.
  • Committing an act under the direction of or for the profit of a terrorist organization.

Djermane and Jamali, now both 20, have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to face trial before a judge and jury in September.

The new information comes from portions of search warrant documents that were previously subject to a publication ban.

A judge lifted parts of the ban Thursday.

This is the exact reason that Donald Trump signed an executive order to extremely vet people before they come in.

It’s just a level of security to help prevent terrorists from entering the country and carrying out explosive attacks on American people.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not a #MuslimBan, although the leftwing media blows it up like one. President Trump wants people investigated before they enter the country. Is that such a terrible thing? I don’t think so. If it prevents attacks, then that’s a good thing!

If random people wanted to sleep in your house, then wouldn’t you check them out first?

*The photo above is a simulation photo of the event. We researched and could not locate photographs from the actual raid that uncovered the bomb-making equipment. The photo is a simulation added for effects. We will insert more photos from the event if they are released by authorities after the trial.

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