UNBELIEVABLE! Muslim With Known Terror Ties Operating In US Just Took Shot At Trump – Look What’s Happening!

Turns out, one of the primary plaintiffs in the Hawaii federal case against Donald Trump’s temporary executive order ban is an Egyptian imam who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. An organization that seeks an end to western culture and civilization.

His name is Imam Ismail Elshikh. The mosque he leads is stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. But this is no coincidence. The President has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organizstiom and now someone who has pledged them loyalty is spearheading a lawsuit against him.

Payback and retribution are what that is. The imam is thirty-nine years old and is claiming he is suffering from irreparable harm due to the temporary executive order on immigration. However, the temporary ban only lasts about ninety days.

The imam has a vested interested not just because of his Muslim Brotherhood connections but because his mother in law is Syrian. Syria is one of the countries on the list of temporarily banned nations. The imam’s argument is that the ban could harm the state’s tourism and Muslim family population.

The lawsuit stated,

Plaintiffs allege that the Executive Order subjects portions of the State’s population, including Dr. Elshikh and his family, to discrimination in violation of both the Constitution and the INA, denying them their right, among other things, to associate with family members overseas on the basis of their religion and national origin. The State purports that the Executive Order has injured its institutions, economy, and sovereign interest in maintaining the separation between church and state.”

But there are less than five thousand Muslims in Hawaii. Most of which attend the imam’s mosque. So the ban would not really affect them the way they are arguing it would. The fact remains this mosque and this imam has terrorist connections. Whether he is a sympathizer or an outright terrorist. Either way whatever is going on is nefarious.

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