Muslim Terrorists No Match For Pissed Off MOB BOSS Who Just Showed Up With BRUTAL Plan For Them

Over the last several years, we have seen an increase of terrorism around the globe. Of course, this can be easily blamed on the soft policies of Barack Obama and his socialist buddies around the world. These scum bag terrorists have been able to grow and wreck havoc on innocent people for too long. A prime example of that is the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, England over the last month. While the progressive left says the way to defeat terrorism is to show tolerance one Italian mob boss has a much more BRUTAL solution.

Former mob boss Ralph Natale led the Philadelphia crime family in the 1990’s and has something to say about ISIS. The former boss believes that the only way to thwart ISIS and future terrorist attacks is much simpler than the Pentagon has let on.

If you are not sure who Ralph Natale is let me give you a little backstory on him. Natale worked his way to the top of the mafia ranks until he was betrayed by his own. He rose to power in the late 1990s and was given a 13-year prison sentence on racketeering and bribery charges in 2005.

Ralph Natale

Natale then served his prison time and when he was released from prison he had a new plan. According to Natale he effectively “return(ed) the Philadelphia mob to its days of criminal glory” by “instill(ing) an army’s iron discipline” in the mob.

It is pretty clear that this man is not one to mess with.

This past Sunday Ralph Natale sat down with Fox News host Eric Shawn and argued that the Pentagon is acting like “pussycats”. Natale then shared his plan on how to defeat ISIS if he was ever given the chance to, and I cannot say that I don’t disagree with his plan.

“As soon as they (the Pentagon) would point out a crew … give me their names, I’ll take care of the business, I would kill them all.”

Now, that is a plan I can get on board with, right?

Here is more from Philly Voice:

Ralph Natale, the former Philadelphia mob boss who turned government witness, is offering to help the United States again, this time with a job that may be a better match for his specific skill set.

Natale wants to join the fight against terrorism.

The 82-year-old South Philadelphian appeared on “Fox News Insider” to promote his biography “Last Don Standing” over the weekend, and he told host Eric Shawn that “we’re pussycats on terrorism” and that he “would kill them all.”

“I would kill them immediately, and then I would hang them in front of their houses and then call the newspaper, the Inquirer,” he said. “‘Listen, come see what happened to those people.'”

Natale’s book by New York Daily News reporter Larry McShane and producer Dan Pearson was released March 2017 and gives much insight into Natale’s life as “the last Don” of the mob in Philadelphia in the mid-90s.

During the Fox News interview, Natale gave his solution to combat terrorist attacks, which have claimed the lives of many in Manchester, London, and Tehran, Iran, during the last month alone.

“There’s an old Italian saying,” he said. “If you don’t listen to the first note, you’ll never hear the rest of the song. That’s what’s happening today. They call me a killer, cold-hearted. I never hurt anybody that didn’t deserve [to die]. I never did.”

Watch the complete interview below:

Whether you agree with what Natale did in the past or not he makes an excellent point.

In order for us to eradicate these disgusting creatures, we must get tougher on them. These filthy rats do not have any respect for human life and that will never change. Though the good news is that we have President Trump at the helm and he is not backing down. That was obvious when Trump deployed the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) just a couple months ago that claimed the lives of dozens of terrorists.

Also, in April a recent report stated that the number of Islamic State militants fighting in Afghanistan has been reduced by nearly 80 percent. Which can be attributed to the active role of General Mattis and President Trump’s willingness to destroy these pieces of crap.

I am not sure about you but I would love to see Ralph Natale and a crew being sent to the middle east to take care of business. I am sure in no time at all these rabid beasts would be destroyed and we could get back to our normal lives.

But, until these progressive leftists stop with their insane tactics of loving these terrorists it will never end. The only way to defeat them is to kill them all strike fear into the next generation.


H/T [ Fox News ]

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