Muslim Refugee Caught With Bomb at Security Check Point- You Won’t Believe SICKENING Reason He Was Still Allowed to Fly!

Liberals failed big league at twisting the narrative following President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order.

Trump only banned Muslims from countries that he hasn’t done business with, we were initially told. Anyone who bothered to read the executive order knew that the nations Trump included in the ban were spelled out in the 2015 Terrorist Travel Prevention Act…. which was signed into law by Barack Obama.

OK – so that narrative was bogus, so they came up with a new one. “No terrorists have come from the nations on Trump’s list of banned nations” we were told. A study quickly proved that 72 terrorists had come from the seven banned nations since 9/11. That’s one virgin for each of them!

Of course, this is all irrelevant now because the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most overturned court in the U.S., ruled that the travel ban was unconstitutional. These are the same geniuses who claim that there’s no constitutional right to own a firearm, by the way.

How stupid are we getting with national security? Somehow night as stupid as our allies.

According to Pamela Geller:

A Muslim man, 43, who was arrested on suspicion of terrorism at a U.K. port for boarding a Ryanair airplane with a pipe bomb in his carry-on bag, was shortly after freed – and allowed to get on another flight to go to Italy.

Nadeem Muhammed was recently caught red-handed with “batteries wrapped in brown tape” found in his bag, the Irish Independent reported. But he told police the device had been put there by someone else, and after a short detention, he was allowed to go on his way.

Suspicious? Sure. But at least if they let him go they don’t have to worry about being called Islamophobic.

And what did that man do next?

“[I]n the meantime, tests revealed it was a ‘viable device’ containing sufficient explosives to cause ‘serious damage and loss of life’ on a plane, the court heard.

“Mr. Muhammed was arrested on his return back to the UK at Manchester Airport on Sunday and charged with being in possession of an explosive substance.

“He had been boarding a Ryanair flight to Bergamo, Italy when he was held under the UK’s Terrorism Act following a security screening.

“The device found consisted of a ‘small pipe, like a large market pen’ and was filled with ‘smokeless propellant often found in ammunition.’”

Yeah – so it’s an act of God that this man didn’t carry out a terrorist attack when he had the chance.

Next time we may not be so lucky.

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