Muslim Truck Driver Cited After Driving Over Veterans’ Graves At Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

Does this come as any surprise to anyone?? A Muslim “Accidentally” drives over the graves of our veterans? This was no damn accident. There was a sign that clearly stated no big-rigs were allowed. What a POS Muslim scumbag. Somebody should drive a tractor trailer through that piece of crap’s home, and then over him.

ELWOOD – Elwood police have cited a truck driver after he allegedly entered the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and ran an 18-wheel semitrailer over the graves of three veterans.

Disobeying the “No Truck” signs posted at the entrance to the cemetery off Route 53, the driver told police he was traveling Monday afternoon to a warehouse located at the nearby intermodal facility operated by CenterPoint Properties, according to a news release from Elwood initiative Safe Roads Illinois.

Identified by Elwood Police Chief Fred Hayes as Faraz Namdari, 43, of Chicago, the driver rolled the truck over the graves, narrowly missing several headstones, the release stated. Namdari was stopped by cemetery staff who notified police.


Police issued three citations to Namdari. He was cited with disobeying a 5-ton weight limit sign, operating an over-length truck and spilling debris on the roadway.

“CenterPoint was appalled to learn of the incident at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery,” saidMichael Murphy, chief development officer of CenterPoint Properties, in a statement. “While it is fortunate that no one was injured as a result, the driver’s actions were unacceptable and disrespectful, and CenterPoint hopes that all responsible parties are held to account for this unfortunate circumstance.”

Staff is waiting for weather conditions to improve to determine the extent of the damage and if there is any danger of the burial sites collapsing, according to the release.

Via The Herald-News

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