Look What Muslim Held By Trump’s Ban Was Just Caught Doing After He Left Airport!

The executive order handed down by President Trump that places a temporary ban on people entering the United States from certain countries is already having consequences. Ones that the A-list celebrities of Hollywood are going to be talking a lot about for some time to come.

The Academy Awards which give out the Oscars has an Iranian director who was nominated for the award. Now he will be unable to attend the festivities. He will no longer be able to make the flight to America because of Trump’s order.

His name is Asghar Farhadi and he is nominated for the best foreign film category on the movie The Salesman. Iran is one of the many countries targeted by the President for his ninety-day ban on visas and immigration. Trita Parsi is the president of the National Iranian American Council and he tweeted out the following in retaliation,

An Iranian celebrity and America-hater Tweeted out the following shortly after.

Hollywood celebrities never cease to use an awards show to showcase their personal opinions on political issues. Meryl Streep made waves when she gave a Golden Globes speech in which she castigated Donald Trump for his history of mocking a disabled reporter and his rhetoric. Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and more have all taken the stage to discuss important political issues to them. This Oscars ceremony will likely be no different.

What also will be no different is the lack of interest people in the American public have over their opinions. Their opinions were irrelevant when they said them last and they will be irrelevant if they choose the Oscars to voice their opinions again. Nothing has changed in this regard.

The country has spoken and they want President Trump as President. If they had wanted the liberals that dominate Hollywood then they would have elected Hillary Clinton but they did not.

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