Muslim Gave ‘Free Rides’ To U.K. Bomb Victims, Then Terrified Passengers Find Out What He Was REALLY Up To

It has only been a couple of days since the tragic bombing in Manchester, England by a Muslim jihadist. This recent terror attack claimed the lives of 22 people and injured dozens of others. Of course, the left immediately jumped on their soap boxes, claiming that this was just an unfortunate accident and radical Islam. These leftist fools are more concerned with not offending Muslims than the people callously murdered. Shortly, after the bombing, the mainstream media began to push the story of a peaceful Muslim offering taxi rides to victims. However, it did not take long for everyone to discover the sickening truth.

The mainstream media cannot stand being called “fake news” but there is a reason why there are. You see, for the past several years, we have seen an increase in fake news stories being pushed by the mainstream media. However, it wasn’t until this last election that it became so much worse.

Now, with this latest terrorist attack, the mainstream media is doing their best to control the narrative. The left knows that radical Islam is to blame for this horrific attack, but they can’t admit that. Instead of them reporting the actual facts, they push alternative facts to fit their twisted agenda of rampant Islamaphobia.

Cosmopolitan was caught red-handed on Tuesday shamelessly pushing a fake news story. After the attack, many taxi cab drivers began to offer free lifts to those trying to escape the area. One of those taxi cab drivers was a man in a turban who is a follower of the Sikh faith. Instead of Cosmo representing him truthfully, they decided to twist the facts to push their pro-Islam stance. 

Here is the original tweet.

Shortly, after this image was posted Cosmopolitan contacted him to ask to use his image.

Here is more from The Blaze:

The tweet and article show a man in a turban who is a taxi driver – he offered free rides in Manchester after the horrible terror attack left many stranded. But rather than represent him as what he is, a follower of the Sikh faith, Cosmopolitan identified him as a Muslim in order to push a heart-warming narrative about Muslims helping victims after the attack.

The image came from the “Singh Lions” account, and internet sleuths were able to find when the tweet where Cosmo’s Mylan Torres specifically asked the account for permission to use in the magazine. She deleted the tweet, and the “Singh Lions” account issued their disappointment over the matter, saying, “Sad. It is upsetting, Sikhs are compelled to fight ignorance about them in this hour of mourning the tragic loss.”

He added, “I am shocked how @Cosmopolitan has used the image of the Sikh cab driver but have shown him as a Muslim!”

That Cosmo would misrepresent a Sikh man as a Muslim is no small matter. Sikhs are terribly sensitive about it because there have been attacks on their community by bigots who don’t understand the difference between them and Muslims.

Of course, once this was discovered people on Twitter blasted the liberal site.

This is of course terribly offensive to Sikhs, and why wouldn’t it be. The Sikhs are known to be non-violent and peaceful people, while the followers of Islam are incredibly violent. It does not take much research to discover how brutal they truly are. As a matter of fact, Muslims have brutally slaughtered millions of Hindus and Sikhs over the past several centuries. If that is not proof enough of their brutality, all you have to do is open the Quran. Their own doctrine literally commands followers of Islam to rape, kill, and enslave people.

Yes, I can understand why some people may not be able to distinguish the differences between the two. But, that is exactly what Cosmo was counting on. If they could sneak this “heartwarming” story in then people would not question the savagery of Muslims.

This is exactly why we need to stay vigilant and watch what the mainstream media is pushing. Sikhs in my opinion, are wonderful people, and it makes perfect sense why they would be pissed off by this mischaracterization. I mean can you blame them?

I am glad that this article was discovered and people spoke up and shut this fake news story down. Hopefully, we can continue this trend and shut down the liberal media once and for all.


H/T [ The Blaze ]

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