Muslim Valedictorian at “Clock Boy’s” School Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb… We KNEW It! (VIDEO)

via CT: Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed’s fake tale of Islamophobia burst into flames this Monday when a former Muslim peer at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, revealed that the school had been anything but a hotbed of anti-Muslin sentiment, as both Mohamed and his liberal mainstream media pals had tried to claim.

“Mac is not an intolerant place, and I’ve had four years to test that hypothesis and come out saying that I’m very proud to have been a MacArthur Cardinal” 18-year-old Amena Jamali, who graduated last spring as valedictorian, told KDFW.

“Mac is the reason that I do not fear prejudice,” she added.

Her teachers had been so tolerant of her Islamic faith, in fact, that they allowed her to leave classes and tournaments early so she could go and pray, as her faith requires.

These revelations from Jamali stand in stark contrast to the rhetoric of her former peer, Ahmed Mohamed, who cried racism after school officials called the cops on him for bringing to school a suspicious “clock” that looked like a bomb.

But these revelations certainly did not come as a surprise, because we already knew that Mohamed is a liar.

Mohamed claimed that he he “invented” the clock, but an investigation by an experienced engineer proved that Mohamed had simply taken apart an existing clock and transplanted its guts into a pencil box.

None of these facts matter to Mohamed or his allies in the mainstream media, though, as they continue to stick by his fake story. In fact, Mohamed recently demanded that both the city of Irving and its school district pay him $15 million for the stress he allegedly incurred.

Sadly, Mohamed is unlikely ever to suffer any consequences for his behavior, thanks to the liberal mainstream media and President Barack Hussein Obama.

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