Burqa Clad Muslim Messed With WRONG White Guy, Learns What Respect Tastes Like!

A Muslim woman wearing a burqa thought it was a good idea to trash this skinny white boy. Wrong boy to mess with. Milo comes prepared. His weapons of choice are logic, common sense, and facts.

You can’t protest logic with nonsense. You can’t protest common sense with stupidity. You can’t protest facts with feelings.

This woman was verbally destroyed by Milo. As they say on the Internet, she got REKT!!


The video begins with Milo saying that everywhere he sees the Islam religion, that women are oppressed. This is true. Even in America, the Muslim women live in fear of their lives from the Muslim men.

Don’t believe it? Then ask a Muslim woman yourself. She’ll be scared to even talk about her husband. Even from behind her veil or her full body garment, she won’t say much in fear of being honor-killed. Why do Muslim women wear full body outfits while their husbands wear whatever they want? That’s not fair, nor equal rights, but instead – oppression.

Women should not be oppressed in America because they believe in a certain religion.

If you’re wondering what kind of oppression Muslim women face, then here are a few examples: female genital mutilation, acid thrown in their faces, forced marriages, etc.

Need I say more?


How about the treatment of gays by the Muslim culture? They throw gays from the roofs of buildings. Is that OK to murder someone because of their sexuality?

Islam consists of this: gang rape of women (see Germany), mutilation of female genitalia, forced marriage, old men marrying children, women being oppressed, gays being murdered, and failure to assimilate.

Socially-regressive Muslims who fail to assimilate come here and hate American culture and seek to destroy it.

In the video, the Muslim woman can’t stand to hear the facts and won’t stay to discuss it. She’s embarrassed. She can’t stand to hear the truth. She won’t stand up against the bad people in her religion.

For all the good Muslim people out there – it’s time to stand up against the bad people in your religion.

Stop living oppressed. Start fighting back.

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