Muslim with Iranian citizenship throws German woman in front of train to her death

From BizPac:

Things are going from bad to worse in Germany.

It was reported Wednesday that a man with an Iranian citizenship, but was born in the European nation who has recently flung open its borders to Middle Eastern refugees, killed a complete stranger by pushing her in front of a subway train, according to KRON.

Fellow passengers overpowered the man shortly thereafter and held him until police arrived.

The 28-year old German citizen has been arrested on suspicion of homicide, KRON reported.

Heidi Vogt, a spokeswoman for the Berlin police, told reporters Wednesday that the two parties didn’t appear to have known each other, and there was no indication of an argument beforehand.

Pictures of the scene were available on social media.

Schreckliche Tat mit Todesfolge: Mann wirft Frau vor einfahrende U-Bahn #Berlin

— BZ Berlin B.Z. (@bzberlin) January 20, 2016

Mann schubst Frau vor U-Bahn am #Ernst-Reuter-Platz.

— Berliner Zeitung (@BLZonline) January 20, 2016

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