Muslim Woman Gets Her Feelings Hurt, And Now This Man Faces a FELONY For it!

Apparently there’s a show called Great British Bake Off.

Who knew? Not me.

A woman, Nadiya Hussain, who won the contest, that many people had no idea existed, had her feelings hurt on a British public transportation when a man said he would not sit next to a Muslim.

There’s two things wrong with this story.

  1. The guy is a jerk. If he doesn’t like Muslim girls, then don’t sit next them. But keep your mouth shut and move on. Let your hatred for people burn you up on the inside. No one cares who you like or dislike. If the lady smelled like bad hamburger buns covered in old sauce and there were flies buzzing around her burka, then sure – maybe slip a joke in and keep moving. Unless she’s homeless, then leave her alone. He missed his chance for getting a selfie with a Muslim baker and asking her if she’d make cakes for gay guys.
  2. Nadiya Hussain needs to shut up too. If she had any backbone, she would’ve told the man off and put him in his place. But she’s a weakling. Instead, she’s crying on Twitter. Why don’t she go bake herself a treat and move on with her day?

Now down to the realness – this man could face criminal charges if the British Transport Police investigate and find him guilty of a crime. I don’t think they will, but they have to go through the motions and act like they care. If I was a British Transport Police officer and my job was to investigate her claims, then I’d take her paperwork and see how fast I could put it in the trash.

Enough with the “my feelings are hurt” nonsense stories. Stop trying to get Twitter followers by crying on the Internet.


Breitbart – The British Transport Police have urged the winner of last year’s Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain, to come forward to them with more information after she tweeted that a man had refused to sit next to her on public transport.

According to Hussain the man said: “I ain’t sitting near a Muslim.”

Hussain called the comment “ignorant”.

But the British Transport Police took a different line, saying the man’s behaviour was “unacceptable”, and confirming that they would treat it as a hate crime.

They have encouraged Hussain, and others with similar experiences, to come forward and report such incidents as hate crimes so that they can investigate, although they said it would not be up to them whether or not to prosecute.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police told Breitbart London: “Firstly we’d need to speak to Nadiya and ascertain exactly what was said, and then our officers can investigate the circumstances based on that. At the moment all we have is that tweet. We would encourage anybody to report any form of hate crime or any form of abuse to us and then we can investigate.

If you made it this far, then I’ve got a treat for you better than any Muslim baker on a British show. Make sure you share this all over Facebook to get your point across.

You gotta do the cooking by the book.

THIS is what I think of anytime someone mentions baking a cake. This video is probably offensive to liberals and democrats, so here’s your trigger warning, patsies.

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