Muslim Woman Pisses Off WRONG Hairstylist With Sharia Demand, Gets PERFECT Surprise Instead

When you live in the United States of America you have to abide by our rules, customs, and laws. But some people just don’t get that. The same goes for any other country. Norwegian hair stylist Merete Hodne found out the hard way that not everybody holds that opinion. A twenty-four-year-old Muslim woman came into her salon making some demands.

The woman demanded that all the men present leave while she takes off her hijab and uncovers herself. But the stylist refused her demands, because well it’s her salon. Despite everyone now labeling her a xenophobe and racist, in reality, she was protecting her customers from discrimination. The stylist said,

I fear the totalitarian symbol of the hijab which says that I should be killed, and for me, it is quite unnatural to provide good service in my situation. As most people know hijab-clad women do not get to show their hair to men. My salon is a men and women’s hair salon. It would have been deeply discriminatory if I had banished men from the lounge because of a woman who could not show her hair to them.

Evil is Islam’s ideology, Mohammedanism, and the hijab are symbols of this ideology, like the swastika is for Nazis. I’m not afraid to lose but I won’t pay for something that is wrong. I’ll appeal to the court of human rights. I have dedicated my life to this. I’m not a racist. I am a political activist fighting against Mohammedanism of Europe. It’s not Muslims I’m critical of.

If hijab are welcome in all other haircutting salons in the country, it shouldn’t be a problem if they are not welcome at my business. I have plenty of experience and can do my job, but there are many other hairdressers who also can.”

Hodne is staying true to her beliefs and has refused to back down. She paid the fine for not doing business with the woman. People don’t have the right to impose their religion on other people. That is exactly what this woman was doing by trying to make all the men leave the hair salon.

Sharia law isn’t acceptable in the western world. There should be more people like Hodne who are encouraged to stand up for what is the right thing to do. Instead of shamed and made to feel like they are less than. That is unacceptable.

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