Muslim Woman Offended By The Word Bacon

Sneakers Bistro and Cafe recently removed an advertisement at the Winooski Rotary as “a gesture of respect for our diverse community” after a woman who said she was vegan and “a member of a Muslim household” complained. The move has prompted an online backlash. (Photo: APRIL BURBANK/FREE PRESS )

Watch Out More Words Are Becoming Offensive, Whats Next? Chickens?

Sneakers Bistro in Winooski Vermont serves up some of the best bacon around, and even featured a sign that read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon” on a center island where pedestrians cross.

However this very innocent sign recently became a firestorm of controversy when a Muslim woman demanded that it be removed because she was offended by it.  She argued that  “insensitive to those who do not consume pork,” according to WPTZ.

It appears as if the new Constitutional Amendment  “the right to not be offended” has taken America by storm. This is America and we have the First Amendment that protects Americans from people’s idiosyncrasy like this

So what did the restaurant do? They caved to the pressure and took the sign down. This is exactly what not to do, as Americans we must stand up to people like this and battle back. If they are offended, so what! deal with it!

People on the review site Yelp have expressed their feelings for what happened.

The sign of controversy
The sign of controversy


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