MUSLIM Woman Wearing Slave Sheets Wanted Special Treatment, Gets BRUTAL Lesson! (VIDEO)

muslim kicked out of family dollar

Gary, Indiana – The manager of a Family Dollar kicked a Muslim woman out of the store because she had her entire face covered in a Muslim garment called a Niqab.

Muslim women cover everything up because they want to dress subtle, which is very respectable because dressing like Miley Cyrus would get you knocked up in the bathroom of Family Dollar. However, covering your entire face so that it looks like you’re about to rob a store is not acceptable in America.

American stores need faces uncovered, especially in a high crime area like Gary, Indiana, where store robberies are known to occur.

There’s a store called 7-11 where I live. It has a sign on the door that says no ski-masks or basically anything that covers your face. The store is often open 24 hours per day and sometimes gets robbed. By requiring customers to have their faces exposed when they walk into the building, it permits the cameras to see who robs the clerk. This is a way to prevent crime or identify those involved in a crime.

Watch here.

The manager at the Family Dollar stated the reason was because the woman had her face covered and it was a high crime area. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s not an anti-Muslim thing, it’s just a “I’m not trying to get robbed” thing. Of course the Muslim lady goes off and can’t comprehend the idea that stores are NOT required to let you in if your face is covered. I assume she’s a woman because of the voice, but it could be a man under there. We really have no idea.

How can anyone identify the Muslim with their face covered? That could be a man, woman, or even a transgender. It could be anyone under that mask.

The manager is 100% correct to do this. People should not cover their face in a place of business.

It IS a country that permits freedom of religion, but that doesn’t mean the store has to let you in when your face is covered. That’s not safe and Muslim women should be required to show their face at all times as a means of identification.

muslim kicked out of family dollar


Fox News – Sarah Safi, who wears a niqab and hijab for religious reasons, caught part of her exchange with the store manager on video.

It shows the manager insist that Safi either remove her garment from her face or leave the store.

“This is a high crime area and we get robbed a lot,” she says. “You need to remove that from your face or remove yourself from the store.”

Muslims need to realize that America has different rules and procedures. When a store tells you that you cannot wear a garment that covers your entire face, then you need to remove it or shop at another store.

That’s just how it is.

It’s a safety and identification thing. Nothing more or less.

And on that note…

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