Muslims ​Angrily Fight Proposals To Ban Sharia Law​ in America​…

The fight between radical Islamic terrorism and the western world is alive and well. Just last week London, England was hit hard after a terrorist plowed through a crowd of people with a van. While radical Islamic terrorists aren’t driving cars into crowded areas in the United States we are having to deal with Muslim people trying to impose their sharia law.

Many Muslim people complain that sharia law restrictions are discriminatory. They have Democrats to defend them. In reality, those who are proposing legislation to prevent sharia law from being incorporated into our country are simply trying to safeguard our constitutional rights as Americans to live in peace and practice our own faith.

The Muslim community is pushing back on banning any application of foreign law in the United States. This covers any law that does not grant people equal rights and privileges under the constitution. Basically, it bans sharia law because sharia law is based on the oppression of women.

Republican Congressman Robert Sampson said the following about the bill,

I believe very strongly in the values of America to allow for religious freedom. I just don’t want our court system to start using what is religious law from other countries to make decisions. I’d like to preserve our way of life.”

However, Hazem Bata of the Islamic Society of North America said the following about the new legislation to combat shariah law,

These are thinly veiled attempts to alienate Muslims in America.”

He noted they are looking to fight this legislation proposal as well as the President’s immigration executive orders. But he will find that difficult as thirteen separate states are working on legislation that would stop the observance of sharia law. Currently, ten states already have anti-sharia laws.

Representative Heidi Sampson said the following about the new bills,

Shariah should be very concerning to all of us. It is a way of life and a legal code which is designed to impinge on culture, family life, marriage, equality of the sexes — a whole host of areas.”

Combatting sharia law should be a bipartisan issue. But unfortunately, it is not. This is the United States of America, not the world. While Muslim populations attempt to fight against this states are deciding these bills as we speak. What they do won’t matter in the long run. No matter how hard they try or how angry they get they will never be able to impose their antiquated cultural system upon us.

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