Muslims Arrive For Their $300,000 Handout – State Gives Them BRUTAL RESPONSE

A massive Muslim organization in Sweden has recently finished their annual spending as they are preparing to received now ANOTHER taxpayer-funded payment. This payment amount is no small chump change either, it is in the amount of $300,000.00.

For this payout they needed to complete their applications for the request, however to their surprise they handed in that application and in return received some very shocking news that struck them like a truck.

According to Mad World News:

It is the young Muslims of Sweden and the Sweden Democratic Youth that have been milking taxpayers for an amount over $25 million annually, and that’s been for YEARS now. Earlier this year they were yet again approved for another $300,000 by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. However, unfortunately for these free loaders, when they went to collect their ‘free’ money for 2017, they were informed that they had been in fact DENIED ALL FUNDING…

The reason they were given?

“their activities are not compatible with democracy.”

The government had somehow found out that the groups were not in fact promoting anti-extremism, anti-racism, or Western values and laws, but the opposite of them. So as a result of their findings they decided to cut off the hand-outs through State funding, effective immediately.

The state had confirmed through their sources that the Young Muslims of Sweden promotes more than they had disclosed. Both discrimination and racism toward non-Muslims and furthermore that they had connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We make the assessment that the SDU has statements in its political manifestos and Young Muslims of Sweden has elements in its operations which mean that these organizations do not live up to the standard we want an organization to have to get government funding,” said Lotta Persson, of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) which hands out the grants.

It’s about time their private dealing come to light like this, requiring them to face the consequences of their actions. The scary thing is… WE TOLD THEM SO, and if were right this time, how many other shady deals are there going on right now where tax-payer money is going into the pockets of a people that are ungrateful and even hateful towards those that are helping them in their time of need.

Cut them off!

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