Muslims Celebrate Chilling Accomplishment As Ramadan Comes To An End

Ramadan is about to be finished soon. It is a holy month for the Islamic faith where they fast in order to become closer to God. However, most people correlate Islam with radical Islamic terrorism as of late because of all the terrorist attacks that have been taking place. And while certainly, not all Muslims are terrorists radical Islamists are permeating Western Europe and the United States.

In the month of Ramadan, it began on May 26th and ends on June 24th. During this time period over 161 terrorist attacks had taken place and 1,483 people have been brutally murdered. The Religion of Peace site keeps a running tally and they have also found in this past month that approximately 1,557 people have been wounded in some way.

One of the attacks includes approximately 12 people murdered in Pakistan by terrorist Fedayeen who was a suicide bomber. 30 people were killed by a car bomb outside of a bank in Afghanistan. 8 people were killed in Somalia by a Shahid suicide car bombré which drove straight into a police station. A Fedayeen suicide bomber in Cameroon killed 8 people. Most recently a police officer was attacked in an airport in Michigan after being stabbed in the neck by an individual who was yelling Allah’s name.

15 people were killed in Somalia as well by a Shahid suicide bomber who pretended to be a milk delivery man. This is just what has happened in the last three days. The majority of these attacks took place in various parts of the Middle East and Africa but one was in the United States. Not to mention the Manchester, England attack during an Ariana Grande concert and then another one shortly after. A total of 29 countries have been targeted by terrorists.

One of the worst took place in Tal Adda, Pakistan where 55 people were killed and 261 were injured. The incident was described as the following,

“A vicious double-bombing in a shopping district over fifty shoppers and first responders.”

In Minya, Egypt 29 innocents were killed and 23 were wounded because,

“Christians on their way to a monastery make easy pickings for Islamic gunmen, who massacre twenty-eight – including ten children.”

In Mosul, Iraq, a combat zone currently, 40 people were killed and none were injured when,

“Islamic State members turned their weapons on women and children fleeing the city, mowing down at least forty.”

In al-Joura Syria 17 were killed and 40 were injured when,

“Three children are among seventeen lives lost when ISIS militants send mortars into a residential area.”

One of the worst was in Shifa, Iraq where 60 were murdered. The report indicates,

“Twenty-three women were found along with elderly men in a grave containing the bodies of sixty Islamic State torture victims.”

163 were massacred in Mosul, Iraq by ISIS members when they were trying to flee the threshold of the caliphate. In Kabul, Afghanistan 150 were mowed down and 460 wounded after a huge suicide truck bomber detonated during rush hour. Many victims were women and children.

The President has said the following about terrorism,

“Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks, or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever. These grave security concerns are the same reason that I have been very, very direct … in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share. Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying for their defense. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States, and many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also said the following about the these types of terrorist attacks,

We also must look this enemy’s ideology in the eyes for what it is: a warped interpretation of Islam that threatens all of our people. Everything they are, everything they do, is a blatant violation of my faith. The United States will do its part, but the circumstances on the ground require more.’

ISIS is one of the greatest threats to our world. It is a common enemy that most everyone shares. This common goal is bringing even former enemies together to try and defeat them. Whether we are in the middle of Ramadan or not this type of violence should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

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