Muslims Across America Just Got The WORST News Of Their Lives Moments After Michigan Terror Attack Today

Earlier today, travel came to a complete halt after there was a harrowing attack that took place inside Bishop International Airport, in Flint, Michigan. As we all know, Michigan is a hot bed for Muslims as they have taken over the nearby city, of, Dearborn. It did not take long for the country to discover that a radical Muslim was at the center of this horrific attack. Now, just hours after the terror attack, Muslims around the country just received some bad news.

Authorities in Michigan are still piecing together the tragic events that led up to today’s terror attack. But, what we do know is that a radical Muslim armed with a knife stabbed Lieutenant Jeff Neville in the neck. During the time of the attack, witnesses said that they heard the deranged Muslim shout “Allahu Akbar”. Neville was rushed to a nearby hospital fighting for his life and has been listed in critical condition. 

“The officer, identified as Lt. Jeff Neville, is in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck at Bishop International airport,” Breaking 911 reported. “The Canadian-born suspect was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the attack, witnesses said. The unnamed male suspect was taken into custody alive.”

Lt. Jeff Neville is fighting for his life after being stabbed in the neck in a terrorist attack.

Michigan has been infiltrated by Muslims thanks to Barack Obama’s refugee program. These programs brought in thousands of unvetted, radical Muslims that are hell bent on destroying the western world. That is why it has been incredibly important for our country to tighten our borders so that these vermin cannot continue to pour in. Which is exactly why Donald Trump was elected as president. The bleeding heart liberals in America continue to push back against Trump with their protests and silly “resist” campaigns. They have tried to demonize conservatives calling them racists and bigots for wanting to protect our borders, but none of it is working.

It has not been an easy road for President Trump over the past few months, but that has not stopped him from pushing forward. Now a recent poll shows that President Trump has gained popularity in one specific area that has Muslims and liberals screeching.

According to CNBC’s quarterly “All American Survey”,  President Trump is gaining ground in halting immigration from specific Middle Eastern and African countries. Public support for President Trump’s controversial travel ban actually rose one point. 44 percent of Americans polled now say they strongly or somewhat support the ban. Now, some may say that is not a big deal but in all reality it actually is. You see, those who have been opposing the ban also fell slightly from 50 percent to 49 percent. Plus, the respondents who said they “strongly oppose” the plan saw a steeper decline, to 32 percent from 36 percent.

It seems that the recent terror attacks around the globe and now on American soil are starting to hit home. But, in all honesty, I believe that those numbers are much higher than this poll says. 

Here is more from Breitbart on other issues on the Trump agenda:

The share of Americans who say they somewhat or strongly support the administration’s plans to rebuild American infrastructure, for example, has declined to 62 percent from 75 percent three months earlier. Support for individual tax cuts has fallen to 59 percent from 64 percent, while support for cuts to business taxes fell to 50 percent from 54 percent.

Renegotiating trade deals has lost support, falling to 50 percent from 58 percent. Support for regulatory relief has declined to 44 percent from 47 percent.

Public support for repealing Obamacare very nearly held steady, losing just one percentage point of support from 45 percent to 44 percent. But the public remains strongly divided on healthcare, with opposition to the administration’s repeal and replace plans edging up to 38 percent from 37 percent in April.

Considering that there was a terror attack today I can only imagine that President Trump will push harder for the travel ban.

It is way past the time for this extra sense of security for our country. For way too long we have been sitting wide open for attacks by these deranged Muslims. Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he ushered in all these refugees into the country. By labeling Islam a religion of peace Obama emboldened Muslims and made them a special class of citizens.

Now, we are seeing what happens when these sort of rhetoric continues unchecked. Muslims will NEVER assimilate to western culture and their only goal is to conquer every nation. We have seen this happen around the globe and it will not stop until someone takes a tough stand against them.

Thankfully, we elected Donald Trump and we are finally seeing results from his tough stance. I truly believe that Trump’s travel ban will be enacted soon and we can get back to the business of making America safe again. I am all for people wanting to come into our country and assimilate to our way of life. However, I am 100% against Muslims and liberals that are set on destroying it. 


H/T [ Breitbart ]

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