Muslims Actually Have A Name For Recreational Mass Sex Attacks (VIDEO)

via SHC: Large scale recreational sex attacks are so common among Muslims, especially those in North Africa, that it even has a name. It is called “taharrush gamea,” and is viewed as a fun recreational activity many young Muslim men.

One of the most notorious examples was the public game rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan. She was at Tahrir Square covering the “Arab Spring” protests in 2011.

Among hardline Muslim men, women who do not cover themselves in Islamic garb are fair game to be raped.

Muslim men, many of them brand new illegal aliens, attacked scores of German women on New Year’s Eve. German women were beaten, molested, robbed, and worse. One victim was set on fire and left with horrible scars.

Germany police department have received over 200 complaints related to the organized sexualattacks on women. 32 suspects have been identified. 22 of the suspects are illegal aliens.

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