Muslims Are Furious About New FBI Tool to Identify Extremists

FBI arrest terror suspect in Aurora, Colorado

From IJReview: A new F.B.I. program is causing controversy within the Arab and Muslim communities.

The online program, called “Don’t Be a Puppet,” is an interactive game with the goal of teaching participants (specifically teachers and students) how to identify potential extremists.

An FBI spokeswoman told the New York Times:

“‘The F.B.I. is developing a website designed to provide awareness about the dangers of violent extremist predators on the Internet…’”

According to the report in the Times, the F.B.I. has showed the programs to community leaders for feedback, including Muslim and Arab groups.

But some worry about the program’s implementation and methods. Arjun S. Sethi, a law professor at Georgetown University told The New York Times:

“‘Teachers in classrooms should not become an extension of law enforcement…’”

Sethi added:

“‘The program is based on flawed theories of radicalization, namely that individuals radicalize in the exact same way and it’s entirely discernible…’”

Sethi also said that gun violence, not Islamic extremism, is:

“‘the greatest threat facing American schoolchildren today.’”

The website was meant to launch Monday, according to The Washington Post, but has been postponed.


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