Muslims Attack Philly Restaurant Goers, Police Panic Over ONE Chilling Detail


Three Americans were savagely beaten by five Muslim men outside of a notorious restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now the case has been a top priority. The victims of the assault were innocently trying to get something to eat after having been to a wedding earlier when they were attacked and left for dead.

Two of the victims were Patrick and Brooke Kane. They were with another couple of friends when they were accosted at Geno’s Steakhouse. The restaurant is a road stand in the Philadelphia area known for their famous cheesesteaks. After they finished their email they went to the parking lot. That is when all hell broke loose.

A gang of five Muslim men attacked Brooke’s friend after she had asked one of the attackers innocently for a cigarette. After she asked, one of the Muslim men started screaming at her,

Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS.”

Seconds later one of the other guys stood up and proceeded to place their hands all over Brooke’s friends face and then pushed her to the sidewalk. This was all told to the police by one of the victims Patrick Kane. Kane also said they were surrounded by the criminals really fast. He said,

They just snapped and started yelling, ‘We belong to Isis.’ He shoved the one girl, hit my wife, the other guy and I tried to jump in. All of a sudden what started as one guy became five, five guys started attacking everybody.”

The Philly Inquirer reported,

Police did not provide information about the assault but said the video of it was ‘too graphic’ to release. The police did release the portion of the video, which shows all five thugs right before the attack as they seemed to be conspiring to send their driver to the car for a fast getaway.”

While Patrick Kane and his wife are not in the hospital and doing fine he has said he went public with this tragedy because some of his friends are in the hospital still fighting for their lives. Yet, the police are keeping the investigation details confidential. Which he is angered by. Kane said,

“I got punched in the nose, then I got punched in the back of the head, I got two uppercuts to the face.”

Muslim attackers at Geno’s Steak’s in Philadelphia
Muslim attackers at Geno’s Steak’s in Philadelphia

Restaurant patrons watched the entire ordeal and were the ones to call the police. Kane says that had they not, he believes they would have been killed. Which likely is true. The Philadelphia police are confused as to how they should approach the entire situation. They are refusing to disclosing the video of the attack or give a statement on the nature of the attack most likely out of fear of the retribution these criminals will perpetrate.