Muslims Brutally Beat White Couple When They See What They Ordered on Their Pizza!

Two men attacked a couple when they ordered a pizza that was topped with ham. They have now been sentenced to eighteen months in prison. The attackers were Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid who are both 27 years old. They launched a teerily and vicious attack on the couple after warning the two that they would “go to hell” for eating meat.

The attack took place at Le Mix Bar which is a nightclub in Cambrésis, France. They had spent the entire evening their and ordered pizza from a local food vendor nearby. After, they were approached by Boussaid and Bouzid. They offered the couple cocaine.

When end the men noticed the ham on the couples pizza he instructed them to “go to hell.” The Islamic faith requires no consumption of meat that comes from pigs. They then proceeded to caress the woman’s blonde hair and pushed their fingers into her nose. It unfortunately caused her to lose consciousness. When the woman’s friend attempted to protect her the Arab men beat the man up right before security staff from Le Mix Bar stopped it and intervened.

The attackers fled to a German sedan which had been rented in Belgium. The police ended up finding them through the car registration. They were insecticides by the pizza chief, witnesses, and the two victims. Photographs also confirmed what happend despite the men denying everything in court. Both men were sentenced to 1.5 years in prison

They are also required to pay €1,500 in damages. Which seems microscopic compared to what they did. Similar instances of discrimination occurred. For example, in June, Muslims britually attacked a waitress in Nice. Because they saw her serve alcohol beverages during Ramadan. The woman had a large facial hematoma as a result.

Also, three men in the same town continuously threatened and physically assaulted a Muslim baker whom they accused of un-Islamic behavior for serving ham sandwiches and alcohol. While the government largely ignores this problem it continues to pervade.

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