Muslims Caught Doing Something SICK At Manchester Memorial — Didn’t Realize Who Else Was There

This is beyond sick!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the Manchester terror attack that took the lives of 22 concert goers, where children were targeted by a psychotic Muslim suicide bomber. The local community in Manchester along with grieving family and friends have since constructed a vigil for the victims, where a large wall of flowers and stuffed animals have provided a way for mourners to express their sadness and pay tribute to the dead. But local Manchester Muslims, still in apparent celebration mode over their hero suicide bomber’s “success,” have come up with a sick way to make mourners grieve even more, sending the locals into an absolute rage.

Mark McNally is a grieving father who had been spending a few hours at a local pub when he started making his way back to the bus stop to get a ride home. That’s when he caught two Muslim migrants desecrating the vigil, taking flowers and stuffed toys away that had been left by the grieving community. The 43-year-old man said that he went into an immediate rage, confronting the men where he said he wanted to “knock the sh*t” out of both of them.

What made matters even worse, is when confronted, the Muslims then made a ridiculous excuse for why they desecrated the memorial, saying they “didn’t know” what the memorial was for, despite news of the terror attack being plastered all over the freaking city.

Mark McNally

“News about this tragedy has spread all over the world and everyone knows about it, so I don’t believe they didn’t know what they were doing, McNally said angrily. I know they were foreign nationals, but it’s very clear that it’s a memorial even though there was a language barrier.”

When McNally saw what they were doing, he started to video record them and that’s when they started acting strange.

“I saw one of the guys with flowers in his hands and originally I thought he was going to put them on the memorial but then I saw them walking away with them.”

McNally knew he would end up in jail for what he was about to do to the pair of nasty Muslims, and wisely decided just to slowly walk away.

“Memorials are a mark of respect and that’s widely understood,” McNally said. “I was raging inside but luckily I kept it together well. I was so angry with it all. There had been a vigil at the sundial in the centre of town for the victims of the attack and people laid flowers, cards and teddies there.”

Local young man Tyler Willerton witnessed what was going on, and immediately sprung into action, chasing down the two Muslims,  ripping the flowers out of their hands and promptly returning them back to the memorial.

McNally went on: “There was a younger fella who chased them and managed to take the flowers off him. It just goes without saying that even a child would know what it was there for.”

While McNally didn’t lose a child in the terror attack, he has children too and it really grieves him as he can relate to what the parents of the victims are going through.

“The attack is shocking. I have children myself and I can relate it to them and can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child in such a tragedy.”

This is absolutely sick, and further proof that Muslims will never integrate into a western civilization as the liberal media would love for you to believe. As hordes of these unvetted pieces of crap continue to infiltrate Europe, sadly, incidents like Manchester will just continue to occur.

But if you’ve ever pondered why it is that “peaceful” or “moderate” Muslims never decry the actions of terrorists, there’s an extremely simple explanation for that. At the end of the day, all Muslims are all the freaking same. While most Muslims aren’t the “extremists”  out there pulling the cord on suicide vests or chopping the heads off people, all Muslims believe the same thing, which is that the world must be bathed in the blood of the infidel in order for their messiah, known as the “Madhi,” to make his return to earth. Whenever a terror attack occurs, you can be sure that all Muslims around the world are celebrating, as they all believe in the same barbaric religion. And desecrating a vigil is just another way for them to stand in solidarity with terrorists, who are following the Quran completely, killing and raping the infidel just like Allah instructed them to do.

H/T [Daily Mail]


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