Mad World News: Islamists will use anything to carry out violent jihad, including the most bizarre and creative of terror plots. This is why Chinese officials felt they must check every nook and cranny before their National Day ceremony began, including the 10,000 pigeons released for the event.

Authorities searched the legs, feathers, and anuses of every bird, according to a local newspaper. The birds were then loaded into sealed vehicles for their trip to Tiananmen Square.

The pigeons were thoroughly checked to make certain they were “not carrying suspicious material,” said Beijing domestic security police officer, Guo Chunwei, according to MSN.

The strange security measures were in response to terrorist attacks from China’s Uighur Muslim community, which has waged jihad against their government under claims of discrimination and oppression.

However, some scrutinize the inspection as a reflection of their own oppressive government, which uses tight surveillance and strict censorship.

“The liberty and dignity of citizens are increasingly vulnerable, and can be expropriated at any time, like with the pigeons,” said independent columnist Zhang Ping . “They have to go through the pains and insults of the rude anal check and yet they must appear peaceful and happy on the screen of the state broadcaster.”


China has seen an increase in Muslim violence. Just last October, three Uighur Muslims crashed a vehicle into a crowd in front of Tianamen Square, setting off explosives in a suicide attack.

It’s unclear exactly what types of “suspicious material” officials were expecting to find, but they weren’t willing to let political correctness get in the way of preventing another bloody attack in the name of Islam.

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