Muslims Demand Colorado Company They Work For Bow To Their Demands, Boss Has Something BETTER In Mind

Under the Obama administration, liberals were able to create constant division and strife. In doing so they were able to pit the population against each other through class warfare. They also went a step further by considering certain groups of people special classes. Examples of this would be the LGBT community, illegal immigrants, and of course Muslims. Now, one Colorado company is sick and tired of bowing to political correctness and has decided to push back.

A Denver, Colorado company decided to change their companies policy regarding Mulsim prayer time. In the past, the company allowed Muslim employees to pray on the premises. However, they decided that if they wanted to pray they would need to do that at home.

Well, apparently that didn’t sit well with these entitled Muslims. So, the company did what they had to do and fired about 190 workers when these refugees held a protest.

I mean depending on the season they can pray at all different times and typically in 5-10 minute blocks. This makes running a business obviously incredibly hard to do. Though of course liberals do not see it this way and of course, see this as racism and bigotry.

You can watch the video here.


These Muslims obviously outraged decide to call in reinforcements from their good buddies at CAIR. According to Denver Post, Jaylani Hussein, a spokesman and executive director of CAIR was trying to negotiate new terms.

Hussein said company officials told him the mass dismissal was over a “no call, no show, walk out.”

“It’s disappointing,” Hussein said.

The workers have previously been using time carved out of a 15-minute break period, or time from their unpaid 30-minute lunch break.

Cargill has a policy stating that any workers who are terminated can not reapply for a position for 6 months.

CAIR continues to talk with Cargill, a teleconference is scheduled next week, and Hussein hopes that the 6-month freeze is waived and that the workers will be allowed back.

The workers continue to express their desire to be allowed a prayer break, Hussein said.

“They feel missing their prayer is worse than losing their job,” Hussein said. “It’s like losing a blessing from God.”

A Somali Muslim trims meat at the plant.

Cargill could not be reached for comment Wednesday night. Last week, Mike Martin, director of communications for Cargill, told the Greeley Tribune that employees of all faiths are allowed to use a reflection area, but that because employees work on an assembly line only one or two at a time can use the area, to avoid slowing production.

He told the Tribune company policies had not changed.

The workers earn $14-per-hour and up, and are represented by a union, Teamsters Local 455. About 2,000 people are employed at the plant.

“These are people who want to work,” Wicks said. “If they’re allowed to return to work, we will continue to negotiate.”

The company has every right to pull the plug on this. If they need to pray this often then they need to go home and follow through. A company needs to make money and cannot make constant concessions to these special groups of people. Once this starts then everyone will want this to happen for their group. Companies should be able to decide what they want and be able to implement it without backlash.

If they don’t like it they can go and work somewhere else that will provide it for them. What do you think? Did the company do the right thing? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Denver Post ]

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