Muslims Complain About Free Food And Demand TVs; They “Threaten” To Return To Syria (VIDEO)

Syrian refugees were interviewed on the Dutch DenHaag television network. A female Syrian refugee can be heard describing her “terrible” accommodations. Last time I checked refugees weren’t exactly expecting the Ritz Carlton considering they were fleeing war torn countries. I guess that’s changed.

The woman said,

“So this is not a life, when you get inside to our room with a tv.”

It is rather baffling and strange that the first thing a refugee is worried about is their television considering the terrible conditions they are fleeing from. The interview shows her also complaining about the lack of refrigerator and her inability to have access to alcoholic beverages. This is not a hotel lady!

She had on a full face of makeup and proclaimed that she and her friends who are refugees too would remain outside and not return to their rooms until they recieved the amenities for which they were asking.

She went on,

“We don’t want to stay in this room, because we run away from our country because of the situation, and now we live in the jail.”

Watch here

The refugee woman threatened to move back to her home country because of how unhappy she was with the living conditions. However, her European abode has provided her free food, clothing, shelter, and money. Which costs her nothing. Her threats are empty and meaningless. In fact many would probably prefer she return home.

Europe has had an influx ofrefugees in the last year, many of these same refugees have originated from the country of Syria. Apparently they have felt the toll on their income.

All of the refugees that were interviewed for Dutch DenHaag TV are just a small and miniature sample of what is widely going on around all of Europe. I am sure the Europeans would have no problem not paying for them anymore.

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