Muslims Demand ‘Offensive’ Signs Be Removed, Locals Respond Perfectly!

After the shootings in Orlando, Florida residents of New Jersey placed signs up that said, “no mas no mosque” and “if the mosque comes the mayor go’s” to protest against a Muslim mosque under construction. The Muslim community was outraged ans demanded they be taken down. They reportedly knocked on doors and made Islamic threats as a result too. The leftist media is calling the signs islamaphobic.

ABC responded to the situation in Bayonne, New Jersey immediately and found signs all over the city. The signs were in response to the 24,000 square foot mosque being built. Some citizens were outraged and expressed it through the signs.

The town has come together to express their disapproval of the mosque. They argue it’s being built behind a housing complex and would pose a threat and inconvenience to citizens. They have done so in a legal and peaceful manner. Unfortunately the Muslim community hasn’t reciprocated that grace.

Muslims Demand "Offensive" Signs Be Removed, Locals Have Perfect Response

Patricia Basille, a citizen of the New Jersey town, said once she put up the signs she was targeted. She alleges one Muslim man knocked on her door demanding she take down the signs to which she refused.

She said,

It is shocking to hear some of the people, but that’s normal, the backlash, the international climate with what’s going on in the media and what you are hearing with all of those things, so I understand their concern.”

A former state assembly candidate and Republican leader has joined the cause. Michael Alonso is against the proposed mosque and has made that sentiment public knowledge.

He said,

In light of the Orlando terrorist attack recently committed in the name of Islam, a mosque in Bayonne would be unsafe and unwise. It’s definitely not the right time. With everything that’s happening recently and all over the world, we have ISIS, we have Christians being beheaded, we have the LGBT community being targeted. This is just not the right time. It’s not the right place. They meet right here. They’re growing rapidly. They fill up the whole basement. The population is exploding. The development on the east side is getting out of control. There’s no way that this project would fit down there. And, at the same time, residents don’t feel safe.”

Just another example of the liberal media bias. ABC jumps at the opportunity to report on this but fails to bring attention to the five year old girl recently raped and tortured by Muslim refugees this past month. For all those who call Islam a peaceful religion they should really look beyond what the mainstream media spoon feeds them.

All that appeasing the Obama administration has done to the Muslim community is make them feel entitled to social benefits and equal protection under the law to a country they aren’t legally citizens of.

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