MUSLIMS Destroy Luxury Airliner on Maiden Voyage, Absolutely DISGUSTING! (VIDEO)

I once read that the nomadic people of the Middle East, called Bedouins, are seen as the “ideal” Arabs. They are considered the Arab culture’s purest representatives and are hailed by other Arabs. Nomadic people don’t have the most hygienic lifestyle and they basically poop when they need to poop, pee when they need to pee, eat when they’re hungry and sleep where they are.

It doesn’t come as a shock to me to watch this video taken by a horrified Italian man of his trip on the maiden voyage of a Saudi Arabian Airlines airplane which captured some disgusting habits of it’s predominately Muslim passengers. The video begins with urine soaked towels on the floor leaking into the cabin from one of the bathrooms onboard. Then he films walking down the aisle as the entire place is strewn with trash coming from the passengers on the plain. Mind you… this is a BRAND NEW airplane.

This particular Airbus for Saudi Arabian Airlines was announced to be a Regional flight. The plane included luxurious seats and various other amenities. I find it humorous that the airline didn’t know their customers enough to understand how to deal with their bad habits. Again most passengers come from a culture who hail barbaric Nomads who just poop where they are, so throwing garbage all around should come with that territory. Those third-world lifestyle traditions don’t magically go away when stepping into luxury… if it’s okay in the culture to rape a western woman because she is not Muslim, it’s probably okay to leave a giant turd on the toilet seat (which is what you’ll see in this video).

It was reported that the flight attendants were horrified but seriously, what did they think they were signing up for serving passengers who many think it’s okay to bury someone up to their head and stone them to death for a crime as simple as shaming the family.

The Italian man on this flight decides to take a video of the mess left behind and at one point exclaims something out of disgust in what sounds like ‘madre di Dio’ which means mother of God. Which means… he’s really grossed out and shocked.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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