Radical Muslims Destroy Small New York Town But NYPD Has BRUTAL Surprise Waiting For Them

This Bay Ridge part of Brooklyn used to be a sweet peaceful area filled with old school immigrant families of Italian, Norwegian, and Jewish cultures. It’s been a lovely community ever since immigrants arrived on boats decades ago, but then something happened that made the neighborhood take a turn for the worse.

The Muslims showed up.

Mosques, signs in Arabic, the smell of their food, and the possibility of terrorism brewing right in their area. Bay Ridge used to look like a fun little American town, but now it looks like a third world country for Islam.

You might say how is this any different than when cities have areas that are called “China town” or neighborhoods that are all Russian. The difference is those areas were established many years ago and have a certain feel to them with their culture. We have what we call “Chinatown” in Philly. It’s all Asian and all awesome. Nothing but Asian shops, people, food, culture, and it’s beautiful. If a mosque popped up in the middle of it, I would literally ask them if they have brain problems and when they plan to get the hell out. The problem is that you don’t immigrate to America and put YOUR culture in the middle of a place that has a strong culture and feel to it already. Go find a generic neutral area to infiltrate and no one really cares unless your food smells bad. It’s not that one immigrant is better than the other, but you don’t flush your crap into someone’s area without push back. People like Bay Ridge the way it is. Isn’t there another area the Muslims can go to where it’s not really anything culturally specific? Perhaps they can make a little Muslim town somewhere else.

That’s where Republican Congressman Dan Donovan steps in as he represents the area and supports Donald Trump’s executive order requiring immigrants to be further vetted and temporarily suspend travel from seven countries laced with terrorists. He’s in full support of national security, and Remember, these countries were identified under the Obama era and Trump put the order in action – something Obama didn’t pull the trigger on.

Dan Donovan is receiving backlash from the community, but not from who you’d expect. It’s not the Muslims who are giving him a hard time. They actually seem to be OK with it. Maybe they’re good people who assimilated, and they’re not like the murderous extremists, and everyone welcomes good people. There ARE good Muslim folks in America who don’t buy into the extremist rhetoric. You can’t call an entire religion terrorists when it’s just the extremists. That would be like calling all Catholics child molesters and we know that’s not true either; it’s just the priests.

The protesters are LEFTISTS, mostly ugly women and beta males who didn’t get enough hugs when they were kids.

When the white leftist liberal losers showed up to protest with signs like “BAN DAN” they were faced with a strong warning that basically said, “SIT THE F*CK DOWN OR GET THE F*CK OUT” like George Lopez when he wrecked a heckler at one of his shows. NYPD began escorting the idiot protesters out of the town hall when they became rowdy.

Dan wasn’t having it and basically told them to act right or they’re getting the boot. Other side of the wall door for them.

BareNakedIslam: Protesters disrupted a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce forum featuring most of Brooklyn’s congressional delegation Monday, repeatedly shouting down Republican Congressman Dan Donovan for his support of Trump’s executive order. Donovan told the audience, “Our enemy ISIS has told us that they are going to compromise the Syrian refugee program,” and judging by the terror attacks all over Europe, they have.

In late 2015, Donovan voted to pause the Obama administration’s plan to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. “This vote is about keeping our city and country safe from radical Islamic terror, a threat New Yorkers know all too well,” he said at the time. Donovan, who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, has defended Trump’s move, saying it was in the nation’s best security interest.

Protesters, many constituents of Donovan’s from Bay Ridge and Staten Island, rose to their feet, holding up signs with anti-ban slogans like “Ban Dan” and “Bay Ridge Will Remember 2018.” An apparently sympathetic audience clapped, as a police officer informed the protesters that they would have to sit down or be escorted out.

One protester, marching out of the auditorium, turned back to the crowd and shouted, “Black lives matter! My son has a disability. Protect the ACA! MUSLIM LIVES MATTER!”

What is that idiot yelling Black Lives Matter for? That has nothing to do with this. Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has nothing to do with this. Her disabled child doesn’t have anything to do with this.

This is about immigration vetting and national security. The other issues, while may be important, are simply not related. A person who shows up to protest one issue, but yells about others, is not very smart nor a good protester. That’s why no one listens to these goons. They’re too busy yelling and we’re too busy laughing.

If you’re wondering about the George Lopez video I mentioned above, then have a look here.

Don’t pay for a raunchy comedy show and interfere with it. If you do, this is what happens.

This is what happens to protesters too! Lopez may not like Trump, and everyone’s welcome to their opinion. However, I really enjoy when a comedian bashes a heckler’s thick skull in with a good verbal battering. It reminds me of protesters – act stupid, look stupid. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes.

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