Muslims and feminists are very angry — but then, we repeat ourselves.

The latest outrage that has Islam up in arms is a video that the singer Beyonce just released. When are Islamist not upset?

In that video, the famous diva wore a traditional Muslim head garment paired with an extremely revealing top and skirt.

Both Muslims and women’s rights activists on the Internet quickly condemned the singer.

One woman wrote, “Dear Beyonce: Do you think you’re going to get away with wearing a version of Islamic head-dress, niqab, while promoting your Demonic music?”

The Muslim went on: “Quoting our holy Quran and dressing in a niqab isn’t a fashion statement you dumb Beyonce.”

Another woman commented, “Sorry, Beyonce. Probably not in the best interest for women’s rights to make the niqab fashionable. Just sayin’.”

The outfit was clearly intended to get a strong reaction. It’s hard to imagine that Beyonce or one of her publicists didn’t realize that Muslims would object to the risque choice — yet the star apparently doesn’t care about a little controversy.

She also recently released a new single titled “Haunted,” which is set to be featured in the “50 Shades of Grey” movie, itself a source of controversy.

It is interesting that both Beyonce and her famous husband, Jay-Z, are well known for supporting Barack Obama and other liberals. That side of the political aisle is often very careful not to offend the sensitive feelings of Muslims or feminists… but apparently she gets a “free pass” on the issue.

It’s hard to support a woman who has held million-dollar fundraisers for Obama, but in this case, free speech is more important. Beyonce has a right to wear whatever costume she wants in her own videos… and outraged Muslims will just have to deal with it.

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