Muslims Are FURIOUS After What New Law Forces All Of Them To Do

There is an obvious pattern in countries that are full of refugees. Generally, there is a surge in child rape, genital mutilation cases, and terrorist attacks. And, because of political correctness, it is called Islamaphobia to point out the obvious correlation. Thankfully, there are leaders around the world including the Untied States that is taking this Islamic takeover seriously. Which is why Muslims in one country are raging mad after a new law is passed that forces them to assimilate. 

Many countries have tolerated the Muslim refugee crisis and their archaic ways. One of those customs is that women must be fully covered and wear a burqa to cover their face. However, with the increase of terror attacks, many countries have looked into banning the burqa. If you remember correctly, France has attempted this ban and even Germany has considered implementing one as well.

But, Austria is one country that is going all in on it, and that is not the only thing are doing. The Austrian government has passed a law that bans people from covering their faces. Also, this law requires these refugees to take Austrian integration classes, including German language, culture, and customs. 

No more burqa’s in Austria.

But, wait there’s more.

If these Muslim refugees do not take these classes then they are not able to receive any welfare benefits either. 

Here is more from RT:

A controversial integration law that will fine women for wearing face-concealing Islamic dress from October, and deprive of benefits migrants who fail to take language lessons has officially been enacted, after being rubberstamped by the President.

“Those who are not prepared to accept Enlightenment values will have to leave our country and society,” reads the text of the law that drew thousands of protesters to the streets earlier this year, before it was passed by a centrist coalition last month.

Women who will wear Islamic veils – either the burqa or the niqab – in public places, will face a fine of €150 ($168).

More generally, newcomers who expect to stay in Austria, will need to enroll in a 12-month “integration course,” which includes German language lessons, if they are to receive their welfare benefits.

They will also be expressly forbidden from distributing incendiary radical materials, and are encouraged to volunteer before they can get their work permits, so that they are better prepared for life in the workplace.

More than 90,000 people have arrived in the Central European country since the start of the migrant crisis in 2015, most of them from Muslim-majority countries outside of Europe.

The law was opposed by the left-leaning Green Party, which said that it scapegoated refugees, and the nationalist Freedom Party, which called it a window-dressing for deeper integration issues and said it had been designed to stop its rise in the polls.

The centrist coalition promised that the legislation would offer a holistic approach. It has since collapsed, triggering an early election in October.

“Work is one of the most important factors for successful integration, which is why we are not only breaking down language barriers with this policy – we are also creating a continuous integration concept for the first time,” said Social Democratic politician Alois Stoger back in May.

France was the first EU state to introduce a similar ban in 2010, levying an identical €150 fine. It has since been copied in other countries, including Germany, which has also pushed through a prohibition of face coverings for state employees.

So, if these Muslims want to talk to someone they are going to have to in German and without a sheet covering their face.
Though what is strange about this is that it is a complete 180-degree turn from Austria’s former policies. Not too long ago, the Austrian president had said that women in his country might have to wear head scarves to fight Islamaphobia and wear whistles in the event of being raped. It is quite possible that with the recent terror attacks in England Austria has seen the error in their ways and is making a positive change.
However, how awesome that is for Austria, I would like to see this sort of law implemented in America. These refugees are a guest in our country and need to assimilate to our culture. If they do not like it then they can board a plane or a camel and make their way back to the middle east.

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