Muslims Girls REFUSE to Take Classes With Boys, Gov’t Immediately Does THIS To Them

Muslim girls refused to take swim classes with boys in Switzerland and now their family won’t be granted citizenship.


So let me get this straight – the same Muslim girls who are entirely covered, not wearing a bikini, won’t take swim class with the boys? CRY ME A RIVER!!!

If you’ve ever been to a legit swim class, with a psychotic ex-swim team coach as a teacher, then you do NOTHING but swim laps. Now if you have a cool swim teacher, then you swim a few laps, prove you can tread some waves, and then play games the rest of the time like water basketball and it’s all fun.

Back to the point – the same Muslim religion where the men force the women to cover themselves head to toe in the hot summer heat, can’t take a swim class with the rest of the students?

Oh….give me a break.

I’m willing to bet some of the girls father’s treat their wives like crap and at least one of these guys may have been married to a girl the same age as his 12-14 year old daughter.

It’s easy. Jump in the pool. Swim around. Get an A.

Or take another class.

Either way, if you’re an immigrant and don’t follow the rules of the country, then the country has every right to not accommodate you or grant you permanent citizenship.

I took a swim class in college and I thought it was going to be awesome. It was terrible. The lady swam us more than Michael Phelps and there was a midget in the class who could swim better than me. I hated the class more than almost any other class. Bikinis weren’t allowed either, so there I was in a pool of fully clad women and nothing good to look at, being beat in a swim race by a midget.

If my citizenship came down to me taking that swim class again and looking like a dunce, then I’d shut my mouth and take the class. Otherwise, I’m OUT.

These girls should’ve shut up, got in the pool, and made their family citizens. Instead, Bon Voyage!


Angry Patriot Movement – It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a country that was once known as the greatest democracy of all time has been reduced to nothing more than a heap of nonsensical political correctness, but that is what’s happened in the United States. However, other countries are sticking to their principles, especially when it comes to Muslims refusing to assimilate to those countries’ cultures.

Muslim middle school girls who balked at taking swimming classes with male classmates in the town of Basel, Switzerland learned a valuable lesson about how the Swiss feel about refusal to assimilate. These young girls were denied naturalization requests because of their refusal to follow the educational curriculum for that country, per WTSP.

The girls’ names were not disclosed, but they said their religion prohibits them from participating in compulsory aquatic classes with members of the opposite sex. However, the Swiss are strict about their citizenship requirements, and that alone was grounds to deny their naturalization requests.

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