Muslims HORRIFIED After Someone Left Them A Present On Their Prayer Mat—CRY RACISM

I Love how horrified they get when they see pigs. Haha! We all know if they actually tasted bacon they wouldn’t be so filled with hate and violence. I love how they try and claim this was a hate crime. Yet..Muslims slaughter innocent people on a daily basis..but that’s okay.

The insanity never ceases to amaze me.

For now….Eat some bacon!


From Bare Naked Islam

In the middle of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (the big day is coming up, the 17th day of Ramadan – the big battle of Badr – our June 23), a regular at a Quebec City mosque finished a prayer in the early hours of Sunday only to find a pig’s head at the doorstep as he was leaving.

The package, found in front of one of the doors of the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec City around 2:30 a.m., was accompanied by a note: “Bon appétit.”  (Hint: An Anglo did this…Media cover-up to blame the French and they know it – Look at the note and look at what they published : the word ‘Bon’ VS the photo taken )

Mohamed Yangui, the president of the centre, says the four mosques in Quebec City area are vandalised about once a year. (Radio-Canada)

“We love everyone. (Quran 2:191 – “And kill them wherever you find them…”).  We have no problem with anyone and we respect people (As long as Infidel believe us). We hope it’s mutual.  And we are always here to give the image of the good Muslim to all Quebecers,” he said. Read More

The pig's head was found by a regular at the Quebec City mosque around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.




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