Entire Community Of Muslims Just Rounded Up And Booted Out For Terrifying Reason, Now Look At What’s Happening!

Saudi Arabia has deported about 40,000 Pakistani residents over the last four months. THe reason is because they might be involved in terror plots or acts. That sure is a lot of terrorists!

The people removed must now go through a more rigorous vetting process that includes religious and political background checks.

I suppose their government wants to ensure that people moving to Saudi Arabia agree with the culture and principles of their nation and they aren’t there to take over or hurt people.

Now I don’t think everyone deported was a terrorist, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Let’s say I have a bowl of 1,000 candies. There’s 20 that are poisoned. Will you eat a handful from the bowl? Or will you check them first?

When you went trick or treating as a kid, didn’t your parents vet the candy before it was allowed into your belly? Why? Because it might be poisoned or have a razor blade in it, right? So why is it any different when people are vetted?


Saudi Arabia has deported almost 40,000 Pakistanis over the past four months, claiming that they could be involved in the commission of terrorist acts, Moheet.com reported on Friday.

Over 39,000 Pakistanis have been deported from Saudi Arabia in the last four months, the Saudi Gazette reported on Tuesday.

The deportations were attributed to visa violations, crime and security concerns linking the deportees to terrorist organisations, but come amid a background of migrant worker unrest that has plagued the kingdom over the past year.

Citing “informed security sources”, the Saudi Gazette said that a number of the Pakistanis deported were linked to the Daesh group or terrorist activities [ISIS]. Others were deported over crimes including drug trafficking, theft, forgery and physical assault…

Saudi officials have called for a rigorous vetting process before allowing foreign workers into the kingdom.

Abdullah Al-Sadoun wants all Pakistani folks to be double and triple checked before they’re allowed in. He doesn’t want any terrorists slipping through the cracks.

Sounds a lot like what President Trump wants to do.

Everyone is allowed in, but they must pass the vetting process first. Why do leftists have a problem with immigrants being properly vetted first? It doesn’t make any sense.

We deploy a tactical solution to help ensure the safety of ALL Americans and the leftists throw a huge fit over it.

This is something that former Presidents Bill Clinton and Obama both talked about. Trump is putting it in action and taking the nasty retorts for it.

Would the leftists bash Billy Clinton or Obama if he was President and doing this?

Do people forget how many illegal immigrants were deported under Obama?

Let me remind you with a quote from ABC News:

President Barack Obama has often been referred to by immigration groups as the “Deporter in Chief.”

Between 2009 and 2015 his administration has removed more than 2.5 million people through immigration orders, which doesn’t include the number of people who “self-deported” or were turned away and/or returned to their home country at the border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

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