Muslims Just Tried To Hold A ‘Peace’ Rally And Immediately Prove What They Are Really About

The push to brainwash the Western world about Islam seems never ending. It’s understandable why Muslims would want to do this; they want free reign over the civilized world so that they can leave their barren wasteland countries that their petty wars have destroyed. What’s perplexing is why liberals want to back them up. Perhaps there are some genuine bleeding hearts in the bunch, but it would take a whole lot of optimism to think that this religion wouldn’t carry on doing what it’s done for centuries. There’s also a particularly good chance that the left needs people to get out of hand so that they can bring down Martial law on our heads and have a good excuse for it.

Regardless, the propaganda push is full speed ahead. From the futile attempts to turn them into victims to fake “peaceful protests,” it’s unreal the lengths that the left and the media will go to in order to make this bloody religion look good. Their most recent attempt to dupe the public wasn’t even well attended by the Muslims that they were trying to make look good.

The rally was an attempt to show that the “moderate Muslims” were as against terrorism as the rest of us. Predictably, the Muslims didn’t show up to back up that theory. According to reports, there were more reporters and police there than there were marchers. The reports were that there should be around 10,000 demonstrators.

Independent reported:

As many as 10,000 Muslims are set to protest in a rally against extremism in Cologne on Saturday.

The protest comes in the wake of recent terror attacks in the UK and around the world.

‘The attacks by people who justify their acts by invoking Islam, without justification, are becoming more frequent,’ protest organisers write on a website for the rally called NichtMitUns, or Not With Us.

‘Our faith is being abused, defiled, insulted and distorted into something unrecognisable by this. Let us put a powerful sign against violence and terror.’

Dozens of organisations have backed the protest. However, one of the largest Muslim associations in Germany has refused to take part. 

The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Ditib), which represents more than 900 Muslim communities across the country, rejected the event in a statement accusing organisers of “stigmatising” Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan

‘Calls for ‘Muslim’ anti-terror demos fall short, stigmatise Muslims, and confine international terrorism to being just among them and within their communities and mosques,’ Ditib said.

It also suggested the event was ‘not well thought through’, saying it was unreasonable for organisers to expect fasting Muslims to march through Cologne on a day that’s expected to see temperatures of 25°C.”

Turns out that the media was more in support of this than the Muslims. And the police were out in force, in order to try and keep the peace when these “peace loving Muslims” got together to show their passivity.

Fria Tider reported:

“A so-called ‘Muslim peace march’ against terrorism was organized in the German city of Cologne on Saturday. But the manifestation drew far fewer participants than the organizers had hoped for. According to a film from March, most seem to have been German. A social-democratic politician says there were ‘more journalists and policemen than protesters’, states RT.

Initially, the demonstration consisted only of a few hundred people wearing posters with texts like ‘Together Against Terror’ and ‘Hate [sic] Makes Earth A Hell.’

Then the demonstration grew to over 1,000 people, writes ABC News, which has to be seen as a failure when the organizers had been waiting for 10,000 protesters.

Some Muslim organizations supported the demonstration. However, the country’s largest Muslim association refused to attend the march, according to ABC.

The association claimed that the demonstration would send ‘wrong signals’. Additionally, you would not break the ramadan fixed month. This position was criticized by the German government, who welcomed the march.”

Curious, isn’t it that the Muslims are so rigid in their religion that they couldn’t break it in order to show that they’re not going to kill us. Even though if they actually plan to follow their religion it necessitates that they kill us. Kind of a difficult catch 22 if you’re a Muslim who wants to be accepted in the West.

I’ve no doubt that they would like for us to accept them and think that they’re not going to do us any harm. Let’s be honest, we all want a little easier life. However, if they’re not willing to give up the violent parts of their religion because the punishment from their god would be too harsh, isn’t it possible that they’ll also act on those ideas? If this were hypothetical, it might be something worth debating, but it’s not. They’ve acted on them many times, and we’ve lost our countrymen over it.

If you want to put your head in the sand and pretend that these people are basically good and they won’t do you harm, that’s fine. But go do it in the middle east and let us keep our countries free of people who want to kill us.

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

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