Insulted Muslims Forced A Maryland School To Ban Christmas Because They Found It “Insulting”

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Muslims? I am. If they’re not beheading people in other countries or gang raping women in Germany, then they’re in America complaining about something that offends them. The way their women dress is offensive to me, how about that?

This is America. We like lots of cool things and we celebrate tons of various cultural holidays and everyone has a grand time. No one really cares about who celebrates what or what days they have off at work as long as they have a day off.

Except for Muslims. They’re offended by everything and complain about everything. Now they’re mad because Christmas is celebrated and Jewish holidays are celebrated, but not their holiday.

I understand they want to spend time with their family. That’s fine. I don’t really see anything wrong with having an extra day off from school to celebrate their holiday. What do I care?

Apparently this was a problem at a school where they now call Christmas the winter break. I’m OK with that too. It’s Christmas break to me. It can be Muslim break to them.


A Muslim family complained that they didn’t get to celebrate their holiday and threw a little protest fit about it.

Patriot Chronicle – The controversy began when the Muslim community put pressure on the school board to include the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha on their calendar. Their claim was that Eid al-Adha was a religious holiday that was just as important as Christmas is to Christians and Yom Kippur is to Jews.

Students who followed the religion complained that, just like Christmas, Eid al-Adha was about spending time with their family. However, when students missed a day from school, they would find themselves buried in homework and falling behind their classmates.

The board responded by saying the holidays recognized on the school’s calendar were not about honoring or accepting a religion, nor were they about giving children time to spend with their families. Instead, the school was considering the high absentee of students and faculty members on the Jewish and Christian holidays.

Oh no you didn’t.

There’s not enough Muslims to nominate it a holiday. Nothing wrong with missing a day of school and telling teachers to give those students a pass on the homework.

Or, just make it an official holiday for everyone, but make sure you still call Christmas break CHRISTMAS BREAK.

If a Muslim student takes off ONE day of school, they think they’ll fall behind and be buried in homework. Wrong. Missing one day of school doesn’t matter and you don’t get that much homework in one night to fall behind anything unless you tripped over your overgrown feet stepping on your gown. Not to mention the child-marrying fathers would beat their kids senseless if they didn’t get their homework done. That’s actually fairly admirable because the fathers in the Muslim community would frown if their children weren’t successful. That’s something the African American fathers should take note of, if any of them are reading this, or having someone read it to them because a lot of missing urban fathers drop out of school and read at the third grade level.

Take note daddies, if you’re checking your kids homework, then what are you checking?

I’m thinking that Muslims have become the most annoying religion known to mankind or person-kind if you’re a human resource twit from Princeton.

Muslims make women dress in table clothes, marry 8-year-old brides, gang rape women, murder Christians, and they convince the village idiots to put dynamite on their chest and run into buildings in hopes to meet 72 virgins and become a hero.

That’s not what happens.

Not even close.

First of all, they wouldn’t know a virgin if they walked by because they’re draped in a picnic table cloth head to toe. You don’t know if there’s a man or woman under that garb until you life it up.

How do I know every Muslim woman is a real woman and not a transgender?

Not to mention the only virgins a Muslim man encounters are under ten-years-old since those sick bearded pedophilia creeps marry little kids.

When a Muslim says they want to meet 72 virgins, they’re talking about walking into a children’s daycare filled with potential brides.

Not sure I touched enough stereotypes.

Let me slip this in your drink like Pill Cosby then show you more.

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