These People Just Gave Muslims Huge Middle Finger With Nasty Gift Of Where They Planned to Build Mega Mosque

With their country in crisis, Germany has to decide what to do about their influx of Middle Eastern migrants flooding the country. They are experiencing similar issues to other Europian countries who have had a large number of refugees take up residence there in a short period of time; lots of settlement, but not a lot of integration.

Because of the lack of integration, refugees have largely retained their own culture and religion. Most of that religion is, of course, Islam and all of the damaging rules and traditions that come with it. The sprouting of mosques across the country has become a problem to the German citizens, so they came up with a unique response.

German locals decided to erect crosses at the site of one particular mosque. The result is both a beautiful tribute to one religion and a huge disrespect to another.

Their actions are not a moment too soon since there are currently an estimated 4.7 million Muslims in Germany. The Germans have had their brushes with an oppressive and genocidal leadership in the past, but not for nothing. This time around the citizens are proactively taking a stand against an ideology of hate, and replacing it with a sign of peace and hope.

There is a clear and present danger that if the Germans don’t act soon, they may be wearing the crosses like so many before them wore the star of David.

(Source: 100 Percent Fed Up)

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